Letter to Dad – July 8, 2015


So this week was sort of stressful because I was just not understanding German, and we were having to teach investigators in German.. Which was interesting XD. It is like you have to listen really closely and watch their body language to pick out the few words you understand and then use your brain to try to figure out what they said. It is quite the journey! Nevertheless, I am understanding the language a whole lot better and I am starting to see the Gift of Tongues work for me. It was weird because Instead of being able to speak it, I was able to write it and create simple sentences. But now I can say the prayer in German and tell people that God loves them! It is amazing and beautiful here! The Spirit is so strong! Ok, funny thing! Yesterday the teachers in the MTC was doing this show thingy for the missionaries that were leaving for their area the next day (they’re gone now 😥 …) and they needed 2 sister missionaries to help out! So my companion and I were chosen to help! They told me that I was Sister Loveless (Ironic right? Cause I love everyone XD ) and that I was the Relief Society President.. So We go out there and guess what… There was a teacher out there that claimed that SHE was Sister Loveless and the Relief Society President!!!!! So it got to my turn to introduce myself… So I say that I am Sister Loveless and that I am the Primary President!!! It was GREAT!!!!! The fourth of July was AMAZING!! They had this huge BBQ for everyone and we got to sing the Star Spangled Banner and everything! It was GREAT!!! We finally got one of our investigator’s to pray!!!! We told him that it could be simple and all of that fun stuff! We told him over and over again “Sie Shaffen Das!” Which means, You can do it!! It was great!! I was a little emotional this week because of all the stress, but I’m all good now! I love P-Days and Sundays because it is the day that I can just sit back and take a breath from German and stress! I am so happy here! I think that is all? I’m not sure haha, but yea! I hope you all are doing absolutely amazing back home!!

Always and Forever!

Sister Wonson

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