Letter to Mom – July 8, 2015

Hi Leafy Tree Tops,
The note that you put with my temple recommend that you sent to me was given to me at the exact moment that I needed it! I had just come out of a frustrating German class and I was off to lunch and then I got your letter and I could see what it said through the envelope and I almost started crying because I could literally hear you saying it and I was just so happy and comforted to hear your voice. This week was pretty hard, but I’ve grown a lot and I’ve gotten better with my German. I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to go to Germany!! I bought 2 new skirts because I needed some skirts with some color… I only brought black ones… But other than that, it’s all good! I sleep on the top bunk too!!! I popped my only bag of popcorn that I brought with me here this past week and now I am in some deep need of Pop Secret Popcorn because the popcorn just isn’t that great here… 😥 Well, I love and miss you so much!! If you wanna, ya know, send me a package of like some drawings or some letters from everyone, then that would absolutely make my day!!! Oh! Tell dad that I found a lapel pin for my mission and I will send it today to you guys!!
Always and forever,
Sister Wonson

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