The Story of the Moth – from Sister Wonson’s perspective

It was evening, and we were preparing for bed. I had been finishing writing a letter, when the unexpected happened…A moth flew into our room. It innocently acted as if it was just hitting the light. But then… It attacked. It dive bombed into my bed- hoping to take me down with it. Fortunately, the moth missed terribly, but got caught between my blanket and the side of my bed. Trying not only to be nice, but also to get it away from me, I tried to help it free itself with my notebook. Once it could fly, it regained its energy and regrouped with itself at the light.

Once more, I paid no notice to it. I looked up just in time to see the moth hurling itself at me once more. what had I done to deserve this? I dodged the incoming attack, and dove to the light switch.

I flipped it off…darkness.

We waited. I flipped it back on, located the enemy, and Sister Brinkerhoff hit it with a notebook. With its body strewn across the cupboard, we cheered. The beast had been conquered. We won the war. I cried tears of despair for the life that had been lost.

P.S. I told them to get a cup and a piece of paper and set it free in the wild and they smash it!! I gasped and cried..

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