August 10th Letter

Nothing really big happened this week, except for leaving my family. It was so cute! Wednesday morning, we walk downstairs to get on the bus and everything, and there standing in their PJ´s are Elder Scharff and Elder Scheltinga (pretty sure that is how it is spelled… sorry if it is wrong… it probably is…)! Sister Ding and Sister Leuzinger came down with us to say goodbye as well.. This was so sad! I had Sister Ding in tears, Sister Eden in tears, Elder Scharff holding them back (sorry if you wanted to keep that a secret Elder Scharff :D), and then everyone is hugging and saying goodbye. I am pretty sure Sister Leuyinger had to hold Sister Ding back when we got off of the bus. I did really well with not crying!! Well… Until the first step onto the bus.. Then I totally broke down.. It just hit me that I won´t see my MTC family for 17 months to 23 months! I was leaving everything. But it was worth it because now I am in the best mission ever! I know that everyone says that, but it is true in this case! Ok, I am guessing that all of you are wanting to know where I am currently!!! I am in … wait for it…. enter dramatic pause here… SINGEN, GERMANY!!!!! I have the most amazing trainer!!! Her name is Sister Fenton! She is amazing!!!! She is short just like me and she helps me a lot with my German! On the first full day in the field, we went trackting and it was pretty cool and really got me wanting to learn the language! Since being in the field, I have seen so many miracles and so many people that have completely changed their life because they had the gospel in their life. I won´t go into the details because I am not totally sure if I can… But I will tell you that reading the Book of Mormon and praying WORKS! I feel like some people just sort of take it for granted, but we shouldn´t do that! I have come to LOVE the Book of Mormon since being on my mission! I am finding things that I looked over before! I am currently in 1 Nephi 19! BTW if you get the chance, read chapter 17 because Nephi got quite sassy with his brothers and it was HILARIOUS!! I had to stop myself from laughing during Personal Study XD I had the cool experience to go to church in Germany yesterday! It was all in German! Imagine that!!! I actually understood like 1/3 of what was said in Relief Society, and I got to bare my testimony in German during Sacrament Meeting! I met this wonderful young woman who said that she feels like we are sisters after knowing me for just a short while! What a sweetheart!! I love her! She is currently on Holiday, so I won´t see her for about a month! But yea! I can now send pics, so I will do that!! I love you guys so much! Stay safe!!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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