August 17th Letter

This week was pretty good! A lot happened so get ready for the email of your life! So last Monday, we went shopping and I bought 2 jackets, a small purse (don’t need to carry much with everything on the iPad), and some new shoes cause the ones I had were too tough on the backs of my heels. Let’s just say that I have now found my inner love to shop. 😀
Ashley will be happy! After that, we went straight to an eating appointment with the Lüddekah  family. We had a picnic on this small river! It was like the smallest part and kind of like a stream! We had everything sitting on these rocks and everything! It was pretty sweet! They just kept feeding and feeding us! It was like that one scene in Errand of Angels. 😀 I went to bed that night being so full and my head hurting so much from trying to comprehend all of the German being spoken at dinner! The next morning, I was homesick. I was reading all of my letters that everyone had written me and was just having a hard time. Then we went to Distrikt meeting, which was cool! We started off in German and transitioned into English. I was the only Golden, but there was also a Greeny there as well. We all say our purpose, 3 Nephi 5:13, and d&c 4 in German at the beginning of every meeting! I finally have My Purpose memorized which is good! I’m now working on Doctrine And Covenants 4! So Tuesday we went and saw Christiana! She is a new member and we are getting her ready to go to the Temple! She is so excited and can’t wait for her 6 year old daughter to be able to go with her when she is 12! We also went and taught Beauty who lives like right next door to Christiana. She is a new member as well! We taught her about keeping the sabbath day holy and the blessings we receive from it! They both came to church on Sunday and are really active! They are so precious! We then went and joint taught our new friend Daniel. He is a very smart guy and all of that. He doesn’t believe in God, but he respects other people and their beliefs and what’s to know what others believe. We taught him about God and how we have come to know that God is real and knows us and is with us in our lives. We also gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read it. We talked about the blessings that we have seen in our lives because of this glorious book! We invited him to pray to know for himself. Wednesday we met with Konstansia in the nursing home! She is also a new member! She was baptized 4 months ago and loves the Lord and the Gospel! At church yesterday, I sat next to her during Sacrament Meeting. She told me that she loved me and that I was her missionary! I was just like Awwweeeee!!!!! The feels!! Die fuhlen!!! After we met with her, we went to go and eat lunch at this cute little bakery in Ziplingen! Let me just start this off by saying that my companion, Sister Fenton, is TERRIFIED of bees!! So we are sitting there eating our food, and then two bees start coming to us and flying around us. Sister Fenton starts flailing her arms and yelling for her mom. 😀  she was all like, “mommy! Mommy! Sister Wonson help! Help sister Wonson! Mommy!!! Sister Wonson! Mommy!!” She covers her ears cause she is scared that the bees will fly into her ears, and then she gets up and runs across the street! That was the most hilarious thing I have seen all day!! Then we went home and did some training. We then went and visited sister küntz! She is the most adorable woman ever! We walked in and she had three plates with cake (stale) and three cups with orange juice in it! They were in little tea cups!! It was great!! We got to know her and then read from Mormon 9 in both English and then German. Then we went to German class and lots of other stuff that I can tell you later cause I’m short on time. Thursday comes around and we might’ve cut down a sunflower during frusport. 😀 😀 It was hilarious! Sister Fenton really really wanted one and so she cut one down and ran home holding her sunflower! We named her Sunny!! Then we went and did some more training and sister Fenton couldn’t pronounce the word pronunciation. 😀 😀 It was HILARIOUS!!!! We then went to sister Bellm’s house and I got to eat actual German food!! I’ve had plenty of Italian, but I finally got German food!! Man! It is good!! After we went and taught Daniel again. We went to Überlingen and we went on this walk. We then chalked out the plan of salvation and gave a quick overview of what it was cause we realized how short of time we were. Then we RAN to the train station! Like it was like a 45 min walk, and we ran and got there in 20 mins! The train was even late for 5 mins so God was looking out for us!! So we got home on time and safe! I am so realizing how much happened this week and how much little time I have left to write, so I will just have to give cliff notes version!! But the next day we had weekly planning and before we did it, we made lunch. We had noodles, chicken nuggets, spicy sauce, veggies, chocolate, and French bread! It was a feast!! We did it again the next day! We went to go and teaching Leslie after planning, and we were waiting for him and bought some ice cream. My ice cream fell off of the cone and I caught it and everything! Talk about ninja skills! But we met with him and he smoked and drinking alcohol the whole time.. It was very uncomfortable.. But yea! That was about my week and more!! I love you guys and hope all of you guys stay safe!

Always and forever,

Sister Wonson

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