Sep 7, 2015 Letter

Hello Meine Liebling Familie!

This week has just been absolutely fantastic! I got to go to the Switzerland Temple, which was such a wonderful experience! I didn´t want to leave, but I knew that I needed to so that I could go continue the Work of the Lord. This week we invited Malick to be baptized. He said that he knew from the moment he met us that he was going to. He said that he wouldn´t be meeting with us if he wasn´t going to get baptized sometime down the road. He said that he has the desire and he knows that now he needs to act on that desire, but he doesn´t want to set a date yet. He said that he doesn´t want to set an expiration date for everything to be learned. He said it in a really confusing way and so we didn´t understand it, but the more we thought about what he said after we went home that night, the more we understood what he was saying. We are meeting with him tonight, so yuppers! I can´t wait to see him! I wish you all could meet him! He is one of my favorite people here in Singen! He is our golden investigator and just so spiritual! We have this little book where we keep a whole bunch of things that he says! They are all like General Conference worthy!

Something funny that happened this week was actually last night! We were on the phone with the Konstance Elders because we were planning everything for going to Rhein Falls today! I´ll include pictures next week!! But like the phones were going wacko!!! Like at first, there was like this beeping noise (like when the phone is off the hook), and then I hung up so that I could call them again. And then they didn´t pick up. And then the Singen Elders called to find out what the plan was with the Bahn and everything for today. And the Konstance Elders called back when I was on the phone with the Singen Elders. So then I called them back, and the elder that I was on the phone with kept saying hello, so I kept saying hello, and then he started freaking out because he thought that the phone was doing an echo XD Then he kept telling me to say that he is the best and stuff like that to make sure that I was a real person, and so I did and then he started like talking to his companion in this whiny voice saying that he is scared and that something is wrong with our phones and that he didn´t know what was going on XD And then he hung up and called us again, and then he had this recording of something in German playing on his ipad and he kept playing it over and over again to get back at me XD It was freaky!!! But now I know how to do something cool on my ipad!! So woot woot!!!

This week we had our Summer Fest! It was so fantastic!!! Benji had a band and everything! To quote Elder Scharff, Benji “is a star!”  We had the band, amazing food, ping pong, fußball, and mormon messages playing inside the church! It was so good! There were so many investigators and non-members there! They had tons of fun and talked to a lot of the members and created a ton of new relationships! It was really successful! We are even meeting with Ruban this week! Ruban is someone that is interested in what we believe in and he came to Summer Fest!

This week was a really really good week! Very busy too! I am so blessed to be in this mission and be in Germany! I thank my lucky stars day in and day out for the people I meet everyday, then things that we do everyday, and the wonderful friends and family that keep me going with their letters and emails! Thank you all so much for all that you do! You are all stars!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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