September 14, 2015 Letter

Hey everybody!!

This week has been really good and really busy! I had a Tausch, which is companion exchanges, and I got to go to Olten, Switzerland! We taught 4 lessons all in German! It was really really good and really spiritual! When I came back to Singen, it was really hard for me to switch back to English! I actually can only say some stuff in German because I forgot what it is in English! Wooh!!! Sister Fenton and I have made the goal to have me explain something in German every single day! So like today, I have to explain to her what Faith is and how faith has helped me in my life! I can´t wait! We think that this will not only help me with my German, but also help me know what to say in lessons that are in German! Sister Fenton and I have tons of fun and work REALLY hard! We are so excited for the work and just can´t stop!

This week, we met with Malick and talked with him about setting a baptisimal date. We talked about faith and making goals. We told him that we can choose a date together and work towards that date, and if he is not ready by that date, then we can push it back a little bit until he feels like he is ready to be baptised. It worked out really well! We had him look at a calendar and tell us a date that was sticking out to him. He pointed to October 1st of this year and said that on that day he will tell us when his baptisimal date will be! We are so excited and so is he! Towards the end of the lesson, I shared with him a story. It is:

There is a man walking with Christ on the shore of a beach. This beach is his life. There were times while walking along the shore that he could see Christ there walking with him, but there were also times that he did not see Christ there. He didn´t understand. These times were times that he was going through a trial. At the end of his life, he was talking to Christ. He turned around and said to Christ, “Look at these footprints. One is constant and the other is only there every now and then. At the times where there are only one set of footprints are when I needed you most in my life. Where were you? Why did you leave me?” Christ then turned to him, took his hand and said, “I have been there for you your whole life. At those times in your life that you only see one set of footprints, those times in your life where you needed me most, I was there. I wasn´t walking beside you because I was carrying you.” The man´s heart was immediately softened and he threw his arms around Christ and started to cry. He then said, “Thank you for carrying me when my legs were too weak and I could not walk alone.”

This really paints a nice picture of faith in Christ and how He is always there with us. For those that may feel alone and like they can´t get through their trial, whatever it may be, just remember this story. Remember that Christ is there, carrying you. You WILL get through it. He IS with you ALWAYS. Please always remember that! I love each and every one of you! I hope you have a fantabulous week!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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