September 21, 2015 Letter

Hello all!!

This week has been a very difficult one! Malick might have dropped us (we´re not completely sure), we found out that we have no complete sense of direction, we got yelled at by two newly baptised members that weren´t able to come to church, and there were more stuff, but I´m not going to go into it because my goal this week was to be more positive and help uplift others more. So change of attitude right now! This week was great! We got to make some tacos with a family that the Elders are teaching. We have come to just about every lesson with them because the wife is the one investigating the church and so they don´t know if the husband will be there every time. So we have gotten to know them pretty well! This is the Simon Familie!! They are absolutely great!!! The mom speaks Spanish and German, and comes to English class because she wants to learn English. Their family is great!! We were giving a lesson, and out of the blue, the mom and dad started to teach their son what we were talking about!!! They are such goldens and I am so excited to be seeing them to come closer to Christ with every step that they take!

Something funny that happened this week was something that Sister Fenton and I have done to each other like every day this week! I have this small whiteboard, and some markers. So we have been writing notes to each other XD I´ll attach the pictures so that all of you can see them XD It was so funny because we would see the note like right as we sat down to eat our breakfast XD I have the best trainer ever!!

Something good that happened this week was that I GOT A DIRNDL!!!!!!!!!! I got it because I really wanted one and I thought it looked really pretty!! Then I put it in the bag from the store and didn´t look at it until today (yes I am wearing it as I write this)! And guess what!! It has roses all over it!! Roses are my favorite flower!! And the green on the Dirndl matches the green on my Wicked necklace, so I am wearing my Wicked necklace with it!!! This literally was made for me!!! I am so excited! I´ll send the pictures of my in my Dirndl today too!

I love you all and I wish you all the absolute BEST day ever!!! Don´t forget who you are and what you stand for! Return with honour! Be true to yourself! And just so much more!! I love you guys! Be safe!!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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