November 2, 2015 Letter

Hello my amazing fantastic greatness lovely… ok.. I should probably get to the part that you all want to read!!

Yes this week was transfers! We sadly had to say goodbye to Elder Rahlf, but Sister Fenton and I are seeing him this week at MLC because he is a Zone Leader in Stuttgart! We also got to say hello to Elder Tholen and welcome him to our beautiful Singen! He is HILARIOUS!!! He is also really spiritual and is from Layton, Utah! He´s a good missionary and we are happy to have him here in Singen!

Also, Blessing got baptized this week!! She was baptized on Saturday, October 31, 2015 by Benji Trench (our GML)! It was so spiritual! Sister Fenton got to stand in the wings while she was baptized, and I couldn´t help but shed some tears. There was one of God´s beautiful children taking a step forward and opening the gate to eternal life! It is just so special when this step is taken! She received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, November 1, 2015 by Tilo Zimmerman! It was extremely spiritual as well and was just perfect! After she received the Holy Ghost, there was this light within her that was just turned on! She was literally GLOWING!!! It was so incredible to see her get from where she was when I first met her, to now! There is so much that changed and just so much love within her! I cannot wait for when she can get sealed to her children in the Temple in a year!

Yesterday we had 2 eating appointments… That was ALOT of food!!!!! I literally had gotten to the point of the night where I couldn´t bring food anywhere close to my mouth or else I might lose all that I had just taken in!!! und das ist NICHT gut!!!!!!!!!! Sebastian (Blessing´s son) kept attacking Sister Fenton and I with these stuffed animals XD He was trying to get my glasses and was saying “Wo ist deine Brille? Wo ist deine Brille?” and then I would say “Ahhhh!!! Ich habe angst für die Tiere!! Ich habe nicht meine Brille!!! Ich habe nicht meine Brille!!! Bitte hilfe mir!!!” It was sooo funny!!! This went on for pretty much an hour XD We ate a lot of food, but regardless, it was an EXTREMELY fun night!!!

How are you all over there in the Americas? Is it warm?? How´s life?

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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