November 9, 2015 Letter

Hello lovelies!

It has been both a crazy and spiritual week! We had MLC this week in München as well as Pfall Conference in Zürich! Our day on Thursday started off pretty good and had high hopes! We made our bus and our Bahn to Schaffhausen on time, but the Bahn to Schaffhausen broke down at the stop right before Schaffhausen. We had to wait 20 mins to figure out what was going on and then for the Bahn to come and get us to take us to Schaffhausen, which resulted in us missing our Bahn to Zürich. We were in Switzerland so our phone didn´t have service, so we had to phone the Zone Leaders on this really nice man in Schaffhausen´s phone. We then decided to take a train that would get us to Zürich in time to run to the bus to get to München, but we didn´t know if our train ticket would work on the train. So we prayed and prayed the whole time on the train, and when the ticket lady came to check our ticket, she looked at it and told us that we were good and then she went on! It was such a miracle! Then we found out what time we would get into Zürich, and we just needed some way to tell the Zone Leaders. And then a miracle happened!!! We suddenly got a call from Elder Murray (Zone leader from the St. Gallen Zone) and we told him everything! Then as soon as the call was ended with him, we lost service again! That was a HUGE miracle because our phone doesn´t work in Switzerland!!! All we needed to do was tell someone when we would be there and then we needed to know how to get to the bus, and the Lord was looking out for us! When we got to Zürich, we didn´t know where to go, but we turned to our left, and there were 2 Elders ready to run with us to the bus and our Zone Leaders were holding the bus for us and saved us seats on the bus! It was such a miracle that we got there in time because Elder Timm said that the bus driver told him that he is leaving at 12 on the dot and will not wait, and we got there and the bus left 30 seconds later!!! It was so crazy!!! But after all of that craziness, we made it to MLC!!! And you´ll never guess who I saw at MLC!!!!! SISTER BRINKERHOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second we saw each other, we ran to each other and hugged probably about 5 times and just laughed and it was just a great moment! I really needed it. It was just so great! We then went inside and watched a fantabulous talk given by Elder Bednar about how we decided to go on a mission before we came to Earth! And how we need to become a missionary, not merely “go on a mission”. It was just a really good talk on “becoming”! The next day was really good!! We had our MLC meeting that went on most of the day, which was about Finding which is something that I really need to be working on! So it was really good that we were able to get to MLC, because that striked a whole bunch of goals that Sister Fenton and I made and are going to follow through on so that we can become the missionary that we need to be, and that God wants us to be. It is good to make goals, but I have learned that following through on those goals are even more important than making them because that is where the growing and change of heart happens.

So after MLC, we made our way to the Bahn so that we could head home to Singen! Well…. We ended up missing our first Bahn because we got a little turned-around, and so we had to wait for our next bahn. We took that one and hoped and prayed that our tickets would work (they did) and that we would get to our next bahn in time… We didn´t because our bahn left late from Bahnhoff… So then we got to Stuttgart and found out the next Bahn that we would take, which was only 45 mins later, and then we went on a hunt for McDonald´s for Sister Fenton. We ended up running into this one guy who knew the missionaries, but didn´t know that there were Sister Missionaries as well! He was a Pastor that was in Stuttgart for the weekend! We talked with him for about 25 mins, and then gave him our card and our names and then went to find McDonald´s! It was nice because it was right around the corner! We quickly got our food and then headed to the Bahn… The bahn had been delayed 80 mins…………. Then it was cancelled completely….. So the next (and last) bahn that we could take back to Singen was at 10:25 PM!!!!!!! We then got into Singen at around 12:50am and had to walk home due to the busses no longer running.. We got home at exactly 1:11 am (I looked at the clock haha)……. That was “fun”….. We then missed our bahn Saturday to Freiburg for Pfall Conference (stake conference) due to the ticket system, the DB worker, and the Bahn schedule telling us 3 different things… So then, we finally figured out what we needed to do, and it resulted in us having to umsteik all over the place! We had to go from one bahn to the other to a bus to another bahn and then we had to take another bahn for 1 minute and then a bus and then walk down the street to get to the church… It was… interesting XD We sadly had to take that way back home because we couldn´t take the ICE and that was the other bahn that was available.. But Pfall Conference was really really good!!!!! We talked about Members and Missionary work!! It was so good and exactly what the members needed to hear! The Spirit was so strong and so amazing! So despite the fact that everything was crazy with travelling this week, we got where we needed to be, we spoke who we needed to speak to, and we felt the Spirit strongly! This was a really good week and I am so grateful for it! How was everyone´s week? What did you do? What´s the weather like where you are? What are you learning in your scripture reading? Do you have any questions for me?

Oh!! And before I forget, big shout-out to my little brother William who has a birthday this week on November 13th!!!! I love you little bud!! Keep going hard and share your energy with everyone!!!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson


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