November 9, 2015 Second Letter


After reading both your email and mom´s email, I am almost to tears because of how strong the Spirit is touching my heart! Missionary work is so important, and I know that you know that. I have recently learned that if we don´t take the time to plan out the details (be spontaneous) with the work, then we are doing it half-heartedly. In the Book of Mormon, it tells us that the prophets preached the Word with full hearts, so why should we be any different? We are still servants of the Lord, helping them Come Unto Christ and be perfected IN HIM. Are we going to do this important work half-heartedly? Or are we going to follow after the examples of the prophets and serve him with a full heart, real intent to serve Him, and having Faith in Christ? I can tell you that serving with a whole heart is a lot better than half of a heart! It is just like the heart that is inside your body right now. When you have only half of a heart, then your body won´t function the way it is supposed to, and there will be complications. When you have a whole heart, then the blood will pump the way that it needs to, and all works perfectly! Sometimes there are some complications with other things in your body (blood clots, kidney stones, tumors, etc.). Even though there are these other complications, having a full heart that is working the way that it should helps all of these problems! Just like how you can´t make only half of a birthday cake or whatnot. Everything must be done with a whole heart, or else things will not stick and help people in the long run. There is all something that we can do to serve the Lord and share His word! It is not only an exercise of other´s faith, but our faith as well! Our faith to open our mouths to invite someone to a church activity or to Family Home Evening or to meet with the missionaries or to give them a Book of Mormon and just so much more! It is not only an act of faith, but a step of faith. With every single step that we take is a step of faith. Faith that we can take just one more step, to keep going. I love you so very much and I can´t wait to see you in 2 months over Skype! Keep being the amazing member missionary that you are! Never stop sharing your testimony!


Sister Wonson

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