November 9, 2015 Third Letter

This is a poem written by Elder Zachary Scharman (an Elder in the Scotland/Ireland Mission).

I read in my well-worn scriptures today Seek Me and Ye Shall Find
So I packed my bag and donned my coat and left my life behind
It was the Beloved Savior I sought, him gracious, good, and kind
There was no other I wanted more; in that firm was my mind

I traveled all day in a lonely road, my feet they cracked and bled
I walked so hard and walked so long I thought that I was dead
So I called up to my God in prayer and many tears I shed
And somehow I found strength to rise when I lifted up my head

And then I climbed a mountain height that was rising up above
And I couldn´t find the way to go for him I was seeking of
But when again I raised my eyes, to my surprise I saw a dove
So I followed it down that mountain high to find my Savior´s Love

And then I found my Savior when I looked for the path to take
I told him of my sorrowful work which caused my soul to quake
And then He told me something true and I thought my heart would break
I thought that then my heart would burst, here are the words he spake

When you were on the lonely road or on the mountain high
When the journey was long and the sky was dark and all you could do was cry
When your body ached and your spirit begged for a single place to rest
Where do you think you found the strength to do better than your best?

It was I who gave the hope and light when your soul was feeling blue
It was I who lifted up your eyes to see what you should do
And there were times that your strength failed when you were carried too
For you thought that you were seeking me but I was seeking you

This really hit me hard, and I immediately thought of this story of a man walking with Christ on a beach shore, which symbolized his life. There were times in his life when he could see the Savior walking beside him, but during his hardest trials, he did not see the Savior there. He was so confused. When he got to the end of the shore (end of his life), he looked back at the footprints that Christ and he had made along the sand. One set of footprints were continuous, and the other was not. He then turned to Christ and said, “Where were you? Where were you when I needed you most? You left my side at the hardest times of my life, when I became so weak I could no longer walk. Where did you go throughout my life when I needed you the most?” Christ then took his hand and said, “I was there throughout it all; I´ve been there through it all. I walked beside you most of your life. At those hardest times in your life, when your hope ran thin. I was there. When your legs became weak along the shore, it was then I carried you.” The man´s heart was immediately softened and he fell to his knees. As tears welled up in his eyes he said, “Thank you Lord for giving me what I need. Thank you for being there when I needed you most, when I could not take one more step. Thank you for loving me so much to carry me. I am sorry I did not see you and your hand throughout my life. I promise I will do my best to look for you all the time. Thank you, my dear Savior. Thank you for all that you do to help being me closer to God so I can be with him too.” I love this because Christ is always there for us! There are times in our lives when our legs become weak and we feel as if we cannot go on. There are times when we let go of Christ´s hand, but he is always there. He carries us when our legs become weak, and his hand is always outstretched to us, even when we let go. He never leaves our side for one second! It is such a blessing to know that Christ is always there with me throughout my life, helping me get to my Heavenly Father!

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