October 12, 2015 Letter

Hello one and all! Welcome to the Circus McGurkus! The World´s greatest show wherever you go!

Oh yes! All the thinks you can think all in one week! Sorry.. I have had Suessical the Musical stuck in my head all week for some reason XD But this week was a really good one! It was full of love and the Spirit and service! This week was Elder Acuna Moreno´s birthday which was really fun! The 4 of us went to the Simon Familie for dinner, and the Elders shared a lesson with them! It was so great and just so amazing to go to an appointment to teach a family, and then the parents end up teaching their children right ín front of you exactly what you´re wanting to teach them! It is such a neat experience! No matter how much energy those boy have, the Spirit is always able to make its presence! On an off note, they remind me William! They are around 10 years old, and they are good at it! lol

Something funny that happened this week was when we were teaching Daniel! We were over by the Bodenzee, and all of the sudden bats start coming out! Apparently they are a normal thing here! But Sister Fenton was basically on top on my she was so scared! I may or may not have gotten a video of it XD There was only one to start with, but because bats go towards the noise and Sister Fenton was screaming kind of loud, there soon became like closer to 10!! We were finally able to calm her down and the bats started to fly away. It was really hard to not laugh!! Ok… we did laugh..XD

This week we were also able to see Chris and Faith! They are members of the church and haven´t been coming for a couple of weeks, and so we went to go and see them because we love them ❤ They have the most adorable little girl, Promise!! We got to talk to Chris and get to know him a little bit better, and then he went to the store before he had to go to work! Then we were with Faith and Promise. We helped keep Promise busy while Faith straightened her hair. We showed our music videos and then I ran out of those, so then I started sharing some Mormon Messages! And she was watching them, and was Faith! Faith just kept telling us how thankful she was that we came because she is pregnant and would´ve had to hold Promise and do her hair  at the same time, and that is hard to do with the cramping in her back. She is due in the last week of November ❤

Sadly, Blessing will not be getting baptized this Saturday because we weren´t able to meet with her all this past week, and she still needs to be taught the last 2 lessons before she is baptized. We are pushing her date back a little bit so that she can be more ready and have had all of the lessons! She is in the process of moving, but after she moves, she will still be going to the Singen Branch, which is good.

This week has been pretty good! I hope all of your guys´ week was good and filled with the Spirit of Conference! I love you all! Have a fantabulous week!!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson


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