October 12, 2015 – Second Letter


That is so great about Sacrament meeting! It is such a blessing to see so many people attend! Here we have a small branch of around 50 people. well.. 50 are active members and then there are around 50 inactive members.. We are working on visiting as many inactive members that we can so that we can get them back to church, but there are so many! That and the branch just doesn´t update the records, so we are working with the list from like 2014.. It is quite difficult at times..

That is so cool about the band show! It sucks that those students weren´t able to keep up their grades, but it is awesome that you got to have that experience! I can´t wait for the video!!

It is so crazy to think how close you will be to me really soon! On the map, Italy and Germany and Switzerland and Austria all look big, but they are pretty small! I think Italy is about a 6 hour train ride from Singen! Crazy! I love you, but don´t come and see me lol I have to be exactly obedient! And it´s great that you won´t be in the Alpine-German Speaking Mission area because then I wouldn´t have been able to email you for 2 weeks!!! YUCK! I can´t wait for pictures and stories!!

I love you so much! And I am so happy with everything that is going on here in the mission! Please stay strong and stay warm!! And a HUGE note for when you go on your cruise, BRING WINTER STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! It is not winter yet, and it is FREEZING!


Sister Wonson

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