September 28, 2015 Letter

Hello all of my lovelies!!

You´ll never guess what happened this week!! We got a baptismal date and Malik got back together with us!! Blessing is the one with the baptisimal date! She will be getting baptised on Oct. 17!!! We are all so excited!! This will be my first baptism! Well, there was one little girl that got baptised when she was 8, and then there was this woman named Tamara who is from Konstanz and I went to her baptism this week as well! Tons of good!! Daniel went to church too!! Usually he goes to Freiburg for the weekend, but this one was different and he got to stay here! So he went to church and loved it! There was alot of fellowshipping that went on with him! I am so happy for the branch that I am in currently! They love helping the missionaries and are just really loving people all around! But one thing that we have learned is to BE PUNCTUAL! Be on time! If you get there early, stand outside until like a minute or two before the appointment! They will be embarrassed if you get there early and everything is not prepared, and they will not be happy one bit if you are a couple minutes late!

This week we got to play American Football with one of the Elder´s investigators! His name is Charles! It was so great and tons of fun! They were going to share a spiritual thought with him at the end, but he had to leave. He has had all of the lessons and had a baptisimal date, but then he had to get all of these papers so that he could get baptised in Germany.. At least, that is what I have been told. He finally got his papers all cleared after 7 months, and now he is planning on heading back to Kenya! He says that he wants to build a church building there on Mount Kenya! He is so excited to build a Mormon church on Mount Kenya! He has had this dream for like a month and a half now!

Something funny that happened this week was that we were going to bring Malik some cookies and a card to see how he is doing (plus he LOVES our American cookies). So we get there and he is not home. We couldn´t leave the cookies on the doorstep because someone might steal it, and they were in his nice bowl that he leant to us. So then I tried to put it on his balcony.. Well…. I am short… So that didn´t work XD then We grabbed a bench (which we had to move quietly because it was late) and I stood on it and tried to put it on his balcony… Still too short.. THEN Sister Fenton rolled over the recycle bin, and I stood on that! And guess what! I was just the perfect size!! So I was able to get his cookies onto his balcony!! Then we put the letter in his mailbox! Then we continued to call him so that he knows that there was something on his balcony, and HE PICKED UP! Then an appointment was set up to meet with him! We haven´t talked to him in 2 weeks because he broke up with us! (we don´t like to say that they dropped us.. so we say that they broke up with us instead XD )

So that was a little bite of my week! But I would like to let everyone know that we had a really good week! We hit almost all of our goals!! That is always a good feeling when you are able to complete a goal 🙂 Till next week! Please be safe and remember that God loves you and really is watching over each and every one of us!!

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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