December 14, 2015 Letter

Hello wonderful people!!

this week has been a pretty difficult one! sister Fenton and I met with tons of people so that Sister Fenton could say goodbye to them, and with every goodbye, I knew that mine was getting closer and closer. I said my goodbyes to Sister Fenton and my hello´s to Sister Hancock (my lovely Golden)!! btw, she is taller than me and I love it so much!! I have no idea why xD This week I was sick pretty bad, and I am just not going to go into the details cause that is just grody… But long story short, the Elders and the Lee´s came over to our apartment and I received a blessing:) I am so grateful that they are worthy Priesthood Holders and they were able to give me this blessing so that I could receive that extra strength from my Father in Heaven to quickly heal and continue on with the work that I am set out here to do 🙂
We had our Christmas Party this week, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! All of the little kids were called up to the front by Santa Claus, and he had a present for each and every kid! It was so cute 🙂 They had cinnamon apple cider and Brezeln, and SAUSAGES, and just so much great stuff!! A couple of investigators and less active members came, it was so great 🙂 There was a missionary, Sister Smith, who just finished her mission this transfer and she was with her parents at the party, so we got to meet them 🙂 (they also brought us some American Peanut Butter!!!!)
Ok, now I have something that I want all of you to do and ponder on 🙂 So you know the song Silent Night? Well, I want you to really look at the lyrics to this song. First I will tell you my thoughts about it and then I want you to read through the lyrics and tell me when you think:) So to me, it is a lullaby that Mary is singing. This is the song that she sings to her newborn baby (Jesus Christ) every night. It is Mary telling Jesus the story of his birth. It is a song tha tis so full of love for her baby and she just wants to always remind him of his potential and where it all started, his birth. Now relate it to you. Now I know what you are thinking, you´re not Jesus Christ and your mother isn´t Mary. But think of your Father in Heaven singing this song to you every night after you were born. At that moment you were born, everything was calm and everything was bright. He is your Father and you are His child. You are a holy infant, so tender and mild, sleep in the Heavely peace that you are destined, sleep in Heavenly Peace. And it just goes on and on throughout the song! I could just go one and on about this song because I love it so much! But please, I encourage you to take this challenge and really ponder this song, and then let me know your thoughts! I am always willing to learn what others have learned 🙂 We all learn new things and can learn from each other 🙂
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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