December 14, 2015 Second Letter

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, I just love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see your face and hear your voice in only 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had the realization that it was only 11 days away and I started crying! I just miss you and I can´t believe what a blessing this will be to hear your voice in less than 2 weeks! That is really crazy about the ward boundries being changed!!! Wylie just keeps getting bigger and bigger haha xD It just keeps getting those growthspurts! Haha, I think that is how you spell that xD I feel like so much is happening while I am here! I am just imagining life back home when I get back haha Rebekah will be a world class gymnist, Michael will be receiving his mission call or sending it in, Jayce will be about 18 months old, Jakob will be getting ready for the High School life or 8th grade haha, William will be as crazy as ever but he will be getting ready for middle school!!! Life will just be totally different! Everyone will be so grown up!! That is just insane in my brain at the moment xD And with my Golden, we are speaking 50% German and 50% English and then we will have a full week halfway through the transfer where it is only German and we will have only one cheat day 🙂 Speaking of… How is your German? Is dad working on it with you? Do you have any questions?

Love you so much and can´t wait to hear from you in only 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Wonson

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