December 28, 2015 Letter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

This week was a really good one!! We went and saw a lot of members this week 🙂 We were served Spätzle, Goose, potatoes, and ALOT more!! It was all so good!! First time having Goose, and it was pretty good  🙂 We went to a less active´s Wohnung, Bruder Lüddecke, and his wife made us this huge big meal with goose and potatoes and a whole bunch of other stuff! Bruder Lüddecke wanted to get rid of the food, so he kept asking everyone if they wanted more food and then he would just take my plate and FILL it up and wait for me to finish it xD It was great! It was so much of fun and they are such a great family!
On Christmas Day, we went and saw Chris and Faith in the morning and had breakfast with them 🙂 Promise just woke up:) They are such a wonderful and giving family! They don´t have very much but they just want to give so much, and they are so grateful for all that they have. It is so humbling to visit people who don´t have much but are so grateful and happy for all that they have! After that, we went to Sipplingen to visit Constanze, a Neubekehrten, and we had lunch with her:) We talked about Geneologie and Tempelsarbeit! She LOVES talking about this because she is in the process of putting all of that information on so that the work can be done in the Temple for them! Then we met up with the Elder´s after that and we walked over to the Ehepaar´s house to Skype our families:) That was so special. I think I cried for like the first 5 mins haha, but I got to talk to my family and that was so crazy! I have been so focused that I didn´t really give myself time to be homesick and right at that moment I realized how much I missed them:) But don´t worry because I am not letting it get in the way of the work that I am doing here. I love my family, and I am so happy and grateful that I am doing this work here in Germany. I am so happy that they support me in this decision 100%. After we Skyped our families, Sister Gardner made dinner for us! It was so good!! She put a lot of work into it:) They are good Ehepaar´s and they are really here to work hard:)
On the day after Christmas, we went to Familie Stemmer´s house for lunch, and we had the best time!!! We had Rolladen with Spätzle noodles! It was TONS OF GOOD!!! They are just such a great family! They are so in-tune with the Spirit and they love hearing about our experiences as missionaries because they currently have a son on a mission! This Christmas season has been so special to me! I have never had a more special Christmas! I got to see my family, I got to see the people that I love and eat really good German food, I got to speak this beautiful language of German, and just so much more! I have felt so much of my Father in Heaven´s love for me this Christmas season:) I am so happy that I am a missionary right now! I love the Lord and I love this gospel! How was your Christmas? What did you and your families do? Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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