December 7, 2015 Letter

To all whom are great and fantastic and such fabulous people,

I can´t even like wait to tell you what happened with transfer calls!!! You will never believe what happened!! I AM TRAINING!!! My new companion will be coming straight from the MTC 😀 I am so excited and just so blessed that my Father in Heaven knows me so well! He knows just what I need to push myself to become the missionary that I need to become, and I get to help a young missionary become a missionary instead of just going on a mission!! This will be so great, an amazing learning experience, and such everything great! We are going to work so hard at becoming the best missionaries that we can be! I already have so many things that I am going to do with my daughter!! (I will be her mother and she will be my daughter haha Mission-speak) I don´t know her name yet or what she looks like, but I know that she will be beautiful because everyone that diligently follow the Savior has this light in their eyes 🙂
Sadly, Sister Fenton is going home this transfer, so my mom will be dying (dying is what happens when you are released from being a missionary. It is like you are leaving the mission so we use the term “dying” haha). I have had a lot of really great times with her and I have learned ALOT from her! She will most definitely be missed 🙂 It has been hard watching her say goodbye to all of these people that she has grown close to (members, investigators, etc.). It is hard to imagine that this time next year that will be me! That´s right, this time next year I will be going home! That is so wierd to think of because it just kind of feels like I will be here forever! Missionary work is pretty much the best work out there, in my opinion. True, you don´t get paid with money or food, but you do get paid with helping others come to know that there is a God and that He loves you and knows you perfectly. I get to help people come to know that God has a plan for each and every one of us. This is called the Plan of Salvation, or as I like to call it, The Plan of Happiness! I get to help others come closer to Christ by receiving the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. I get to help others find that light in this dark world. I get to serve everyone around me. There is just so much greatness in this work that I am doing here in Germany! I am 100% grateful for the decision to come here on a mission! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to tear me down sometimes so that I may learn the things that I must learn and grow from it. There is a reason for everything, even if we don´t understand the reason.
We had our final Tausch this week, and that was so great! Sister Kramer was with me here in Singen 🙂 She is from Texas too! You´ll never guess where!! She is from SanAntonio, Texas!! We had the best time! We got to help this woman in the ward clean her Wohnung, and we also had an eating appointment with Schwester Schäfer and the Elders. It was so funny! She just kept bringing food out and more and more! It was so funny xD She is just the sweetest and most loving old woman ever! She loves her family so much and she treats the missionaries as her family 🙂
This is all that I will be sharing this week:) Next week I will send a picture of me and my new companion!! I get to meet her this Thursday!! Woooooohh!!!! I´m so excited!!! Oh and before I forget, go to the website and you will find some really amazing Christmas videos about Christ and His birth!I invite all of you to watch it 🙂 Have a wonderful and warm week!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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