January 11, 2016 Letter

ummm… So yea, I don´t even know how to start this email haha well… This week I have discovered that I have bed bugs!!! So It has been pretty interesting xD We have been doing alot with just trying to disinfect our apartment and everything, but don´t worry because this week we will be getting an exterminator in there to kill the little suckers soon ;P Sadly we have not met with so many people this week due to the bed bugs and lots of cancelled appointments.. But we did get to see Malick this week!! Remember him?? We haven´t heard from him in like 3-4weeks!! We just felt like we needed to go to Hilzingen and try to see him, and so we did with some Oreo Balls 🙂 And guess what!!! He was home!!!!! It was so crazy!! We showed up and started talking to him and we started talking about how we love being missionaries because we can just share this wonderful message with every single one of God´s children! Then he immedietely went and got 3 chairs, and we sat down and he wanted us to have a lesson right then and there!! It was incredible!! Here we were with an investigator that we haven´t seen in like 3-4 weeks and we are having a lesson with him! It was so amazing!! We were able to better see where he is at with everything, which was really good! It was just a really good lesson 🙂 We talked about our relationship with God and with Jesus Christ and also the importance of going to church!!

Another amazing thing that happened this week was that it snowed!!! Like right in the middle of one of our lessons!!! It just straight up snowed!! We took a couple of pictures and some videos in the snow after the lesson, but it was just so cool! And we totally related it to the gospel! Snow is so white and pure. There is just so much symbolism behind snow!! I mean, all of the plants and everything dies when it gets too cold for it, and then the snow covers it like a blanket. And in Spring, the snow melts and the plants and everything just grow again and are alive. It is kind of like they are reborn!! That is the same with us. We all go through a Physical Death, and then we go through this period of time. And then there comes the time when we are “reborn” so to say. Our body and our spirit will come back together, and we will be resurrected. I don´t know if I explained that well haha
So transfer calls are this week.. I am really nervous because I could stay to finish training Sister Hancock, but I could also be transferred.. I have mixed feelings about it haha I am just nervous about it.. I know that wherever I go, or stay, means that that is where the Lord needs me.
But yea!! That has pretty much been my week!!! It was crazy bed bug..wait..what?!?! week!! And this week will probably be bed bug killing week and alot of talking to people!! YAY!!! I will let you all know next Monday all that is happening with Transfers!!! 🙂
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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