January 11, 2016 Second Letter

My fantastic father,

How can a missionary companionship become like Zion? Well, I would think that it would be the same points!!
1. A Missionary Companionship is supposed to not only study together, but also grow together. It is like two sides of a heart. If you only have one side of the heart, you can´t really tell what the object is supposed to be! But when you put the other half with it, you can more fully see it´s true beauty! It is more complete, but not exactly complete. The most important part of a Missionary Companionship is the companionship of the Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost fills in the cracks between the two sides of the heart so that they can be more strongly bound together. When we teach people, the Holy Ghost plays the most important role! If the Spirit is not present, then it is questionable of the person being taught actually learned anything.
2. Let me just start this one off by saying that we are not JW´s… As a missionary, we should focus more on why we are here than just being here because we felt like we had to or it said that we are going to in our Patriarchal Blessing or whatever. When we come to understand individually why we are here on a mission, then we can join as a companionship and find out why we are serving as a companionship together. We ask ourselves, what can I learn from this missionary? How can I best be there for them? And so on and so forth. Figuring out the “what” is easy, it is the “why” that takes a little bit more work to achieve or come to understand.
3. We are missionaries.. haha.. we leave our home for 18-24 months and we teach the gospel, we bear out testimonies, we serve, we share God´s love for each and every one of His children, and so much more! We are sharing this wonderful message with everyone that we meet on the Bahn or the Bus or on the Straße!
4. This is something that we have been working on here in Singen–getting the members involved in the missionary work! We can teach the lessons and baptize as many people as we want, but if the members are not on the other end fellowshipping and just doing their best to reach out to new members, less actives, and investigators, then it doesn´t really work… It is like building a bridge without the proper support. Sometimes it stays, but it is so much stronger when the proper support is there! This goes the same between member and member! We are all children of God and we should all be trying to strengthen each other and helping each other come closer to christ 🙂
I know that William is a little crazy, and what Sister Christofferson said is so true!! Sister Hancock and I were talking about this last night! We were talking about how the mission really changes us! There are things on a mission that we learn that we can´t necessarily learn by being home. It is hard to explain… But I have faith that all will be alright ;P
I added you to the group sharing thingy through this email… I don´t know if it is your iphone email or not haha but, if not then just send me which to have it under and I will change it!! and I absolutely LOVE those videos!!!! The one of William and Rebekah are just HILARIOUS!!!! Tell them that I love and miss them!!!
Sister Wonson

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