January 18, 2016 Letter

This week was a great week!!!!! First let me start with my transfer call because I know that you are just dying to know;P I am staying here in Singen to finish training Sister Hancock!!! This will be my 5th transfer in Singen 🙂 This place is like my home!! I am so happy that I get to finish training Sister Hancock!! We had a busy week this week!! We even ran from a couple of appointments, which is so good and reminds me of my first week here in Singen with Sister Fenton!

We were riding on the train back to Singen from Überlingen, and it was snowing outside. When the train was moving (very fast I might add), the snowflakes were melting a little bit to where some of them were raindrops 🙂 Then because the train was moving so fast, the raindrops were moving from one side of the window to the other! And there was this little raindrop that was moving, and then it ran into a snowflake. It looked like it started pushing it, and the snowflake was moving with it! Then it was as if the snowflake was too heavy for the raindrop to continue pushing it, and then it looked like it started pulling it, and then it looked as if it couldn´t go on anymore! Then all of the sudden, this other raindrop comes over and helps it! And then another and then another!! It was insane!! It was just so fasinating!! I mean, we can relate it to ourselves! When we are going through trials and whatnot, God places certain people in our lives to help us get through our trials! When it is just us, the burden is heavy, but through the love of God and others that love us, the burden can be lifted and it can be easier to move the heavy load! I thought that was so cool 🙂
So Sister Hancock and I were teaching the Sunday School class this week! We were teaching about Joseph Smith! We were reading together Joseph Smith-History 1:8-20 and we were telling the experience. It was really cool!! We then invited them to each pray that night and ask God if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church and that Joseph Smith was the prophet that restored the Gospel on the Earth, and to pray if the Book of Mormon is true. We then bore our testimonies, and the Spirit was just really strong! Then there was this woman in the back, and she came up to us and started asking about the church and everything! She was new in Germany and she was looking for a place to worship, and our door was the only one that was unlocked! It was crazy!! She really wanted a Book of Mormon and to take the lessons! It was crazy! She has been through so much, and God has led her here to Singen, Germany. Her name is Queen, and she is just so great! We are seeing her this Wednesday, and we are really excited!
That was just a little flavour of our week this week here in Singen,Germany! I can´t wait for this week! We have a really good one planned!!! I am doing great and I am safe and happy!! How is everything in Texas and Utah and everywhere that you all are at?? Do you have snow where you are at?
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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