January 18, 2016 Second Letter

Hey daddy!!

Training is going great!! I get to actually stay in Singen for one more transfer to finish training Sister Hancock!! She is such a great missionary!! We actually got a new investigator yesterday!! Queen 🙂 I wrote about her in my weekly email just now haha but yea! She is really great and just really prepared! You can most definitely tell that God has led her here! We have 2 investigators progressing towards baptism!! Semi and Ben 🙂 We haven´t been able to meet with Ben because of the insane amount of studying that he is having to do for all of his finals, but we are working on getting an appointment 🙂 And then Semi, we have been teaching each of the points in the lessons point by point so that he can understand it better because he is having to translate the German/English into Hindi in his head so it takes him a little bit to understand it. But he reads his Book of Mormon every day and he prays before and he prays after and he has bore his testimony to us so many times! He is just so great! He comes to church every week!! Spiritual experiences.. Well, I was teaching about Joseph Smith in Sunday School with Sister Hancock yesterday and I cam eto the realization that we all really are just like Joseph Smith!! Isn´t that crazy?!?! And Satan is Terrified when we start to take a step closer to God and Jesus Christ! And when we kneel and pray to God asking if the church is true and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God and if Joseph Smith was a prophet that restored the church on the earth through the power of God, then Satan get scared and tries to mess us up as much as he can, but God knows each and every one of us and he will still make the truth known to us, no matter what Satan tries! It is just so crazy how much we are all alike when it comes to wanting to know the truth!
That is so good with your job!! I remember Trek! That was so much fun when we did it!! I am so excited to hear more about it! Send me pictures!! And WOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! Go Jakob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet high five!! Boom! He is growing up.. literally xD Haha how tall is he now?? Has he passed me up yet?!?! Oh man, I just realized how much time I have.. Like none haha so I am so sorry that this email is so short, but I will send you a better one next week 🙂 I love you so much and I am so thankful for all of your prayers and all of your love that you are sending my way!!!
Sister Wonson

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