January 18, 2016 Third Letter


Thank you so much for the update 🙂 It sounds like it was a hard week.. I am sorry.. I wish I could be there to give you a hug.. Here, I have an idea!! 👻👻👻EMAIL HUG!!!!!! I love you so much!!! To answer your questions, the mission is going really well!! It is crazy that I am hitting my halfway point really soon!! March 25th is coming up really fast!!! One of my best friends here in the mission, Elder Acuna Moreno, goes home at the transfer of my halfway mark, so this is his last transfer. Speaking of transfers.. I got the call on Saturday, and… I am staying here in Singen for another 6 weeks! This will be my 5th transfer in Singen, which is funny because I will have been serving half of my mission pretty much in Singen! The transfer ends on March 3rd, so we will see what happens then haha it would be cool to serve my whole mission in Singen, but going to other parts of the mission would be cool too 🙂 The members feed us about once a week (on Sundays), and then every now and then we have someone that feeds us during the week. We don´t have as many eating appointments as when Sister Fenton was here, but that is because they have all gotten pretty busy. And Y.E.S. They feed us ALOT haha do you remember how much I ate back home.. Like nothing?? Yea… I eat like a whole bunch now.. So when I come home there will probably be no leftovers ;P Our daily schedule really varies from what we do in the day.. But we get up at 6:15, start früsport at 6:30, then we get ready for the day and eat breakfast from 7-8. We start our Personal Study at 8am, Companionship Study at 9am, Training at 10am, Language Study at 11am, and then lunch at 12pm! Then after that it is pretty much meeting with people, finding people, going to see less actives and members and investigators until 6pm. Then we have an hour for dinner, and then we go see more people until 8:30pm and then we head back home! 9pm is when we start Daily Planning (so we go over our day and plan for the next day), and then at 9:30pm we get ready for bed, write in our journal, and yea! Then bed time is at 10:30pm! Then we basically do that everyday 🙂 Yes it is still snowing!! It is not snowing at this second, but yesterday we got like 2-3 inches of snow!!! It was so crazy and so beautiful!! Our investigators.. well.. we have dropped like all of them except for 5.. But we are meeting with those 5 and they are progressing well!! My favorite thing was that we were teaching the Sunday School class and the topic was Joseph Smith. And we told about like his experience in the Sacred Grove. There was this one woman in the back that I didn´t recognize and I just thought that it was one of the Elder´s investigators. Well, she wasn´t!! She is from Nigeria and came here from Spain on tuesday! She was looking for a place to go and worship, but ours was the only church who´s doors were open! We gave her a Book of Mormon and we are going to start giving her the discussions this Wednesday!! We are super duper excited!! It was really wierd how a new investigator just kind of walked off the street into our laps haha but it was an answer to not only our prayers, but hers as well! Her name is Queen 🙂 Anyways, that was pretty much our week and all 🙂 I love you so much!! Thank you for the talk! I will read it tonight!!!
Sister Wonson

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