January 25, 2016 Letter

Hello my wonderful people!!!!

Alright, I know what you all are waiting for!! So this week we had 2 of our investigators come to Institute!! It was so good! It was spaghetti und spiele!!! So eating spaghetti and playing games!! It was really good! I got to learn how to play the german version of Pokemon Sorry!!! It was so great and so intense!! We also met with our new investigator, Queen! We were teachingher about the Restored Gospel, and in the first 5 mins she told us that she believes that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God that restored the Gospel here on the Earth! She also said that she is really excited to read the Book of Mormon!! We are so excited to meet with her this week and teach her about this wonderful Plan that God has for each of us–the Planof Happiness!! We also met with Semi!!!!! We had a member come with us, and we taught him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ!! It was so good because the member that came with us was able to teach simple enough for him to understand her 🙂 The Spirit was just so strong 🙂
We also had this really cool breakfast at our Ehepaar´s house this week!! She invited the sister´s in the ward, her neighbors, our investigator, and less active members!! It was so cool! We all got to talk a little bit about ourselves, and I got to translate the whole time for Queen (our investigator who doesn´t speak any German)! Sister Garner also showed the intro to Meet the Mormons and the Candy Bomber scene! It really set this sweet spirit in the room. That scene they could all relate with because it happened when they were alive. These people here are really amazing.. They have gone through so much in their lives. They have every right to be mad or sad or bitter about it all, but they choose to be happy and look forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past! It really just hits me hard in the heart when I think about that.. I have always loved learning about the Holocaust, but now I am living here with people who lived through it. It is not like I am reading the stories in the history books, but I am here learning about these people that it happened to. It is just so much different!
That was pretty much my week!! It has been a really good week!!!!! How was your week this week? Did anything awesome happen? What was something funny that happened this week?
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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