January 4, 2016 Letter

November.. no.. September.. no.. December??… no… it´s JANUARY 2016!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all!!!!  You are all wonderful children of God!!! This week was really good!! I sort of hit a brick wall on Thursday with my German, but I was able to get through the day and push onward! It is a hard language and it is important to constantly to be working on it! Something else that I have found that is important is that if you listen with your heart instead of your head, you can understand a lot more! Not only what they are saying, but also where they are coming from and how you can help them! Speaking the language is the next step haha that is the hardest part for me, but I am really doing my best at learning the language and the grammer!
New Years Eve…. just WOW…. seriously though… If you think that America does Fireworks like pros………………… I had like a million fireworks pretty much RIGHT outside out apartment window at 12AM in the morning!!!!!! And then we walked outside the next morning, and the ground was COVERED in firework stuff!! It was crazy!!! And loud!!!! But yea, the New Year has been pretty great!! We went to Familie Herb on Thursday for New Years Eve for dinner, and that was really good! We had Raclette!! It was so good!!! They are such a sweet family!! Then on New Years day, we went to Ekatherina with the Singen Elders, and that was tons of fun 🙂 She is a Russian and just the sweetest old woman on the face of this earth ❤ She has been through alot and just knowing that God loves her and everything that she has and all that Jesus Christ has done for her and all those that she loves is because of God´s perfect and complete love for her!!
We have this really great investigator, Ben, and he is really close to his Father in Heaven. He just wants to do his best and be where God wants and needs him to be 🙂 He has told us multiple times while we are teaching him that he agrees completely with what we are teaching him, and he is really searching for the truth and for his Father in Heaven. We are so lucky to have met him and we are so excited to continue teaching him and helping him come closer to finding his answers and finding all that his Father has in store for him 🙂
Sister Hancock and I are doing just really great!! She is such a wonderful missionary!! She is so sweet and has such a strong relationship with her Father in Heaven 🙂 How are all of you doing? What are the updates on everything? How was your new year? Have you made your new years resolutions yet?
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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