November 16, 2015 Letter

Why hello there!
This week has been an eventful one! We had Zone Interviews with President Kohler this week and we got to talk to him about our families and show him some pictures so that he can get to know us more! I was so excited to talk about my family I almost brought my whole photo album with me!! My family is just so important and special to me 🙂
We also got to see the Luddecke Familie! It is just so great! Bruder Luddecke recently got a new iPad mini and so we have been showing him new stuff on gospel library every time we see him! We share our favorite scriptures with him and he puts the German next to the English translation! He is just so excited about it! It is his favorite app!! They are just such a wonderful family! We also got to go and see Constanze this week! And guess what! I made the lesson and everything! Usually sister Fenton does it and I just jump in when I can, but this week I took over the lesson and sister Fenton shared a video that had to do with missionary work and then gave her testimony! It was a lot more equal and had a better flow because we were all talking about the same amount! Which is seriously an improvement!!
This week I got to go to the Temple again! And I just felt extremely prompted to ask a couple of questions while I was there, and I received answers! I love going to the Temple so much! The strong Spirit that is there is just so special! I always feel so close to my Heavenly Father when I am there! After the Temple, we went to Zürich to plan Zone Training with the Zone Leaders! I cannot wait!! I am crazy and I thrive on these! They are so filled with the Spirit and I learn so much! I am always pumped up afterwards! On the way home, we met this really cute family on the Bahn! They are from South Africa, but they lived in McKinney,Texas for 7 years!! It is crazy!! They didn’t know Sachse, but they did know Garland!! That is the first time since I have been on my mission that that has happened!!!
Today is Sister and Elder Lee’s anniversary and so we tried to recreate their first date! We had plans to spend our pday with them, and so we got a box and made it look like a car and put their favorite stuff inside of it and wrote them notes and blew up some balloons and left it on their doorstep this morning! We totally were going to ding dong ditch it at their house, but their car wasn’t there, so we just left it on their front step, rang the door bell, and then walked away instead of running away so that we could catch our bus back to Singen! Well we got about one house down when sister Lee called to us and told us to come in! She took our pictures with it and everything! I love them! It is so cute! They celebrate the whole month that they were married, so it is their anniversamonth! Isn’t that just adorable!!! Anyways, I will have to give you a week of not hearing from me haha well… Because I won’t email you until next week haha I am sorry for that horrible joke… I need to find a joke book somewhere… Anyways, have a wonderful week! Stay safe and be happy! I love you all!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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