November 23, 2015 Second Letter

My fabulous mommy!!!!!

How have you been this week? This week was pretty good for me and next week will be EXTREMELY busy!! We are booked the whole week!!! It is such a blessing because we are meeting with a whole bunch of people that we found on the street!! That and we have another tausch this week, so a lot of travel time is being taken out of our schedule.. But that is ok because we can talk to people on the trains, which is actually pretty effective!! They don´t really have anywhere to go haha unless they want to get off at the wrong stop xD To answer your question about people smoking here, the answer is yes. Just about everyone here smokes and drinks and it is so sad. They have the smoking age limit to 16 years old and the drinking age limit is like 18 years old, but they drink when they are 16 as well. It is so sad to see them doing that to their body, but they have their agency..
I have been reading a lot up on Diligence, which has really opened my eyes!! When we diligently follow Christ and the commandments, then we will conquer the enemy of all righteousness. Learn your duty and prove to Satan that you can do it. Do not be slothful, lazy! When you are diligent about something, you are showing how much it means to you. Diligence is doing something with a full purpose of heart. When we are diligent in facing the Lord and following Him, then we will be blessed. Enduring to the End sounds so painful. There has to be a better word than “enduring”! Saying Diligent unto the End sound so much more uplifting! If we go throughout life diligently seeking God, not giving up the fight when times get hard, not becoming lazy or nonchalant about it, then we really will win the war against Satan. Show the Lord how much you really mean to Him be Diligently Following Him to the End of Eternity!
Have a fantastic week!!!! Love you lots!!
Sister Wonson

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