November 23, 2015 Letter

Hello dear Texans, Utahinians, Coloradoans, and many others!!

This week has been a pretty good one! We did a lot of finding and dooring this week!! We have found so many of God´s Children that have been prepared to hear His Gospel! It is such a blessing to see His work taking place! I love being a missionary so much!!! I get the once in a lifetime opportunity to help teach others of this wonderful gospel and go with them step by step 🙂 I get to see them change over the course of them doing the things that they need to in order to come unto Christ! Yes, I could have done this back home in Texas, but then I had the other things in life that I had to worry about like school and work, but I have taken 18 months to completely serve the Lord! I am not only doing this mission for others, but also for me. I am most definitely changing as I continue on my mission! I have come closer to Christ myself! I am constantly learning new things! I am coming closer to the person that I am supposed to be and I love every single second of it! This really is the best thing that I can do at this time in my life! Without a doubt! Thank you to all those who have supported me while I am over here in this little town I like to call Singen 🙂 You are all so special to me and close to my heart.
Ok, something funny that happened this week… Well….. Let me start off by saying that I am scared of birds.. Some of you know this and some of you don´t.. Well, SURPRISE! I am scared of birds!! So this week, we were in Luzern on a Tausch, and we were sitting by the river eating some Bachmann´s Pizza, and this swan starts coming towards us.. Let me remind you all that swans may be beautiful, but they are kind of vicious! So there is this swan right under my feet, and then this bird flies in between me and Sister Zomborski!!! Almost hit us!!! It was completely terrifying!!!!!!!!! So I guess I told this story to make you guys laugh because I was certainly not laughing xD I am laughing about it now though, but not when it happened xD
Something great that happened was that one of our investigators, Elizabeth, has been praying about baptism (she brought it up, not us!!) and she said that if she is ready to get baptized, then she wants to get baptized before Sister Fenton goes back to America! She really wants Sister Fenton to be there because it is such a huge step in her life and she wants her to be there! It was so sweet 🙂 We all know that she is ready and she knows, but she just wants to be sure. So she told us that she is going to pray about it for another day. Like I said, this work is just so great and marvelous!
Something pretty insane that happened this week was that it snowed!!!!!!! Not only that, but we were walking to an appointment yesterday, and it started snowing!! And that isn´t even the crazy part!! The sun was out and everything! There were like not that many clouds!! We were so confused!! haha it snowed again last night while we were sleeping… I guess winter is here… Man.. I was hoping for a Texas Winter haha xD
I love you all so much!! Please stay safe and healthy!! It is winter now!!! brrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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