November 30, 2015 Second Letter

You´ve a Birthday shout HOORAY! I want to sing to you today! One year older and wiser too! Happy birthday (insert clap here) to you!!! I love you daddy!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited that your birthday is tomorrow!!!!! I literally have been telling Sister Fenton when your birthday is every day now for about 2 weeks! And guess what!! I will be in Switzerland for your birthday! Isn´t that cool!! I feel like saying Switzerland sounds more exciting and interesting than Olten or Aarau (cities in Switzerland). I am doing another Tausch with the Sisters that live in Olten! It is quite the small and quite little town, but nevertheless, that is where I will be!! I went to Luzern this past week for 3 days on a Super Tausch, which was TONS of fun and I learned a lot! We did TONS of finding and TONS of dooring!!! I doored like half of Eschenbach!!! And then we went to find the referral that Grandpa Mason gave me. She lives in the country, which was really fun and was so cool because we got to star gaze!! Sadly, she wan´t home, but we at least found out where she lives because grandpa mason misspelled some of the address, so it was hard to find on Google Maps haha I think that I will be Sister Training Leader next transfer as well, so I will go back to Luzern to find her! Hopefully she is home then! But yea! That is pretty much how my week went xD This next week is thanksgiving, which I am really excited about!! Sister and Elder Lee are hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for all of us American Missionaries because they don´t have it here in Germany!! They are just the greatest!!! How is everything going on back home? Where is the family going for Thanksgiving this year? Send me some pictures!! And some videos too!! I have an Icloud picture sharing thing going on with mom right now, so you can put it on that and I can look at it anytime that I want without having to save it to my ipad! I love technology haha xD But yea!! Also, mom has a couple videos to show you from me 😀 Love you tons!!!!!!!!!

Sister Wonson

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