November 30, 2015 Third Letter

Hello my beautiful and talented mommy,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! This year for Thanksgiving, Sister Fenton and I went to a couple of our investigators´ houses to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. First we had to tell them what Thanksgiving was lol and then we shared this talk that I found about Gratitude. It was really great and you could just feel the Spirit there in the room! After that, we went home and grabbed the salad and cookies that we had made that morning and Elder Lee and Sister Lee picked us up and brought us to their house. All of the missionaries in our Distrikt was having our Thanksgiving Dinner together 🙂 Sister Fenton and I went a little earlier than everyone else so that we could help Sister Lee finish everything up before all of the Elders got there. We had turkey breasts instead of the whole turkey because that was all that they had at the time in the store because they don´t put out the turkeys unti it gets closer to christmastime.. But the funny thing was that on Thanksgiving Day, the turkeys came out xD Sadly it was too late haha
That´s totally crazy that Haley Beaudin got married!!! I didn´t even know that she was engaged!! That is just so exciting!! And about that rain, that is just INSANE how much rain Texas has gotten this year!!! We have been getting lots of rain here too! The weatherman will say that we are going to have snow the whole day and night, but then it just rains instead haha
I love you too!! Transfers is actually next Thursday! But we have our transfer calls this saturday.. I know that I am staying here in Singen for at least one more transfer though. President told me in my interview with him that I will be taking over the area and will have to train my new companion and the new couple missionary that will be in Singen as well, due to the Lee´s and my companion going home at the end of this transfer. So I will be here for a while, and worst case senario is that I tell the new sisters that I am expecting some letters and to just send them to where I will be 🙂 But I am pretty sure that I will be here for another Transfer and then I will move to another area, but who knows! It is all in the Lord´s hands!
I can´t wait to talk to you in a couple of weeks as well, and I am sorry, but I do not know quite yet how we are going to do it.. I am pretty sure that it will be over Skype…It will most likely be your morning and my night due to the hour difference.. when it is 6pm here, then it is 11am in Texas 🙂 I will let you know soon though!
Sister Wonson

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