April 11, 2016 Letter

Hello all!!
This email is a weird one haha so I went to the hospital this week to have an operation! So I have been in the hospital all week, but Sylvie (the mission mom in Burgdorf) and my companion have taken such good care of me!! Sadly, I will be heading home within the next week or so to have a following up operation and to figure out what is going on with my digestive system. Ever since I have gotten to Burgdorf, my stomach issues have gotten worse which is not good.. I need to figure out what is going on. I will 100% be coming back to the field as soon as I can! It will take about one to two transfers, but I am coming back haha no question about it! I have talked with my family and figured out some stuff, but I have a feeling there is a reason the Lord needs me back home right now. I am doing better:) I am getting my strength back and I am able to eat more now without having it come back up haha but yea, if any of you have any questions (and now this is going to sound cheesy), ask the Lord:) haha you weren’t expecting that, huh? Haha anyways, I think you all are absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful of your prayers and love and support! It really touches my heart to know how many people are here:) be safe and have a wonderful week!!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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