April 18, 2016 Second Letter

My dear lovely Father,

Thank you so much for your letter last week! I apologize for not being
able to respond. I am doing better! My stomach is taking more food,
which is good! I am healing very well!! After the operation, my wound
was like 3 inches deep, and now it is only one inch deep!! I can sit
for 3 hours straight without pain, and my energy is most definitely
up!! I am able to go out more and see people, which really makes me
happy! I have never played so many rounds on uno in my life xD I even
taught sister Zarse how to play Castle and War with face cards haha
boredness gets to you after you have cleaned your whole apartment and
updated the area book and studied tons haha I don’t have much time,
but I love you so much and I wish you the best week of recovery!!
Which reminds me, how did your knee surgery go?? Did everything work
out? Are you recovering well? Wanna be recovery buddies soon?? Ok,
let’s do it! 😛 I love you so much daddykins!! I am so grateful for
all that you do for me 🙂 never stop being amazing!!!

Sister Wonson

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