April 27, 2016 Letter

Hello all! I would love to inform you all that I got to Salt Lake safely! I have my first appointment with my doctor today and then tomorrow is my surgery. I am kind of scared because I hate hospitals and yea, but my mom is here and I think it will all be ok. I had a good couple of plane rides here! The last flight I was on, there was a guy who was sitting next to me who had grown up speaking German with his parents. It was really cool!! It was really good to see my mom and sister and Tylan and their son, Jayce! My mom literally ran to me at the airport and embraced me in a tight hug for about 3 mins ❤ I love her haha It has been really good to see her, but also really weird haha It is almost like a dream that I am not waking up from haha but Yea, that is a really quick update!! I hope you all are doing well! I will continue to update you as everything continues!

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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