April 4, 2016 Letter

Guten Morgen Liebe Geschwestern!!!
Wie geht’s euch? Es tut mir leid, aber diese Email wird auf Deutsch sein 🙂 diese Woche war… Haha…. Interessant! Am Mittwoch habe ich viel Schmerzen im Morgen gefühlt!! Dann habe ich zu meine Artzt (unser Bischof) gegangen. Er hat zu mich gesagt dass ich ein extreme Bowel Infection habe!! Es war gut dass ich am Mittwoch zu den Artzt gegangen habe weil es extreme extreme ist…. Also, muss ich jetzt auf Englisch schreiben haha Sorry if that confused anyone haha I felt the need to do that, so I did it haha but yea, so this week.. Well.. Not that much cause I have been really sick haha but something really good that happened this week was conference and we had a baptism!! This week Nicolas was baptized!! He is 11 years old. His mom is a member but his dad is not. His dad is finally letting him get baptized!! He was so excited 🙂 and then conference was just amazing!! We finished watching conference this morning and it was so spiritual!! I love conference!!! Haha I was so stubborn haha I was in this pain and I forced me and my companion to a baptism that I probably should not have gone to as well as conference haha I told my comp “we are going to conference because we have to” haha yea.. I have found out how stubborn I am this week haha I will work on that haha but yea, still in pain but I am taking it slowly! Well….. I keep having to remind myself to take it slowly haha but anyways, how was your week?? Transfer calls are coming up soon!! So if you are wanting to send me anything, please send it to the mission home because I do not know if I will be staying in Switzerland for another transfer or not:) love you all!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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