February 1, 2016 Letter

Hello all!!!

This week has been a difficult one, but also a really good one! A quick update on the bed bugs– yes I still have them, and we are working on getting a technician here to heat up the room really hot to kill both the bugs and their eggs!! So don´t worry, I still have my little buddies ;P haha that was my attempt at a joke xD For all of you that remember me and my joke book back in Texas that I would use everyday xD
This week we had the wonderful opportunity to see Ben twice!!! We saw him last Monday and made some Italian food with him and talked with him about the Word of Wisdom, and then the other time was when we were going to Benji´s (our ward mission leader a.k.a. GML) concert! We went with him and his mom 🙂 We talked a little bit about the church and what we believe in before the concert started 🙂 We also got to see Semi!!! We taught him about the Spirit World and all that happened there. Next time we will be finishing up the Plan of Salvation with him!! We are so excited! We have seen him grow so much since we have been meeting with him!!
Sadly, this week we had to say goodbye to Queen 😦 She left back for Spain, but I got her email so that we can stay in touch! I just pray that the church will find her in Spain!! She is so prepared!
I know this question is on everybodies minds, and let me just answer it for you right now 🙂 Yes, my German is getting better! It has been pretty hard to learn this language, but yesterday I made a Language Study Plan that will really help me become a Master of the Message and will help improve my German at the same time!! My goal is to complete it by my half way mark of my mission! So I have 6 weeks:) It will push me, but it won´t be too hard of a push to where I can´t handle it 🙂 The perfect balance! Haha Well, That is sadly all that I have time for for this week! We have a busy day planned 🙂 I love those kind of days 🙂 I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!! Stay safe 🙂
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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