February 1, 2016 Second Letter

Hey daddy,

Thank you so much for your letter!! That is so good about your job!! Feeling like you are doing something always makes me feel like I am doing my job here:) Being a missionary really has changed my outlook on some of the simple things of life! Something so simple as following ALL of the rules of the law. As a missionary, I agree to follow ALL of the laws here in my area/mission, including the traffic laws. I am constantly seeing the blessings of doing something so simple as walking on the crosswalk, and waiting for the little green man to tell you that you can walk across the street. It is so crazy here because all they have are round abouts and street lights! There are pretty much no stop signs here in Singen–CRAZY! When we follow even the smallest of God´s rules, He will bless us:)
That is a little bit funny about you tracking out everything for the Trek xD I could picture you pedaling in the sand on your bike haha I feel a little bad for laughing, but you are just such a great and naturally funny person ❤ And I think God was watching over you and me by keeping you safe on that mountain bike!! I firmly believe that God is protecting my family back home because I am here on a mission!
I want to see pictures of that cabinet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like it will be really cool 🙂 I added you on the icloud photo sharing that I have with mom, and I don´t know if you have accepted the request haha 🙂
I have actually thought and prayed about it, and I think that I will stay at BYU-Idaho. I am going to give myself another month and a half to completely decide, but that is what I am currently feeling. I have also been thinking about what Ashley said about staying at her place with her for a month or two, and I would love to do that! I would love to help her out in any way that I can with Jayce:) I think that it will be some good sister-bonding time 🙂
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAXD That is so great dad!!!!!! You made hog jerky!!!!! That is just so perfect!! It is a memory made xD I hope you took pictures with the burnt meat xD That is beautiful 😛 I have some people here in the mission that say that they are going to visit me in Texas, and I tell them that my dad can grill like a beast, but now I am rethinking the whole “grill” part ;P haha jk ;P You are the best and I miss your grilling ❤
I miss you tons as well! I am so grateful for your prayers 🙂 The work here is hard now that we only have 2 investigators, but when you really work your hardest and your best, then you can see the small blessings the Lord has laid for you along your path that you might not have seen before. I hope that made sense haha xD I love you and I pray for your safety and health every day 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Your missionary, Sister Wonson

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