February 29, 2016 Letter

Hey everyone!!!

Ok, so this time´s transfer´s calls are very interesting! Let´s just say that alot is happening with Singen!!! So I will start out with the obvious haha the Ehepaar (missionary couple) is staying in Singen (lol duh XD), and then it gets really really crazy!! So Sister Hancock is getting a new companion!! Her name is Sister Burgess and I love her so much! I have done a Tausch with her and she is pretty much the Austrailian version of me XD They will be SISTER TRAINING LEADERS!!!!! She is following in my footsteps! I say that she will start training her 4th transfer ;P Ok, so that is happening! And the Elders are CLOSING! So, Sister Hancock will be taking over the area completely! She is going to do so great 🙂 I have so much faith in her 🙂 So where are the Elders going? Elder Tholen will be going to Stuttgart to be Zone Leaders with Elder Rahlf! Remember him?? They are going to do so much good in Stuttgart!! And it will be Elder Rahlf´s last transfer! Elder Liechty will be headed off to Haag in Austria!!! Super excited for him!! Ok.. Now you are really just wanting to know what is going on with me haha and believe me that this will surprise you!! Ok, are you ready?? I will be serving in Burgdorf, SWITZERLAND!!!!!!! That´s right! This Texan is headed off to Switzerland!! Isn´t that crazy!! So apparently now American´s can serve in Switzerland for 2 transfers instead of just one 🙂 I will be really close to the Bern Temple, in the Bern Zone, Interlaken Distrikt 🙂 My new comp will be Sister Crake!! I am so excited to work with her!! This is just crazy haha I still can´t believe that I am leaving Singen! I have been here for about 8 months! And now I get to spend my favorite season is Switzerland! But yea 🙂 So you can imagine how crazy things have gotten these past couple of days with saying goodbyes and packing and Abmelding! Sadly, I could not say goodbye to everyone because we had Pfall Konference (stake conference) in Zürich, so only some of the members were there 🙂 Today will be the BEST P-DAY ever!! We are going to Hohentwiel (my favorite place in Singen) with our Distrikt for a Distrikt P-Day, and then we are headed off to Bowling with the Zimmermann family ❤ It is honestly going to be the best p-day ever 🙂 All of my favorite things with my favorite people in one day!! We spent last night at Benji´s house, and we got to say our goodbyes to him 🙂 We all went around the table and told the most spiritual experience we have had on our missions so far 🙂 Mine was Queen and just everything that happened with her! She was seriously a miracle:) It was so difficult to not cry haha You all know how I am with goodbyes.. Benji and Heidi Marie was the hardest one, next is the Zimmermann´s, but I think I will be fine 🙂 Things have just been so crazy haha Sister Hancock has really helped me with packing more efficiently so that I can fit everything haha I love her and will miss her loads, but I will be able to email her every week, so I think all will be well 🙂 I cannot wait to go to Switzerland and “start by hitting the ground running” to quote Elder Thomson 🙂 There is so much to do in so little time! I am ready 🙂
So yea haha that is pretty much everything big that happened this week XD Oh! P.S. Totally shook hands with a member of the 70!! So cool!! 🙂 He was from Finland! I now know 2 people from Finland! How was your week? Was it a good one? How is the weather like where you are?
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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