March 28, 2016 Letter

Hello family and friends!!
How are you all this fine Monday morning? I am doing just wonderful!! Sad moment this week was that we had to say goodbye, or see you later, to the amazing Sister Crake! We had our appointments all week for the people that she wanted to say goodbye to. It was sad to see her saying her goodbyes, but she held on strong. I know that this was the right decision for her, and she made it with God which is most important. I am so grateful for the 3 weeks that I had with her! I have learned so much from her 🙂 now it is just me and Sister Zarse! The two remaining from the crazy dritt!! We have so much fun and work so well together! Sister Zarse is from Germany, which is awesome cause I love that place haha and she is really helping me with my German and I am helping her with her English!! The best of both worlds haha I have been cooking a lot more than I have with my past companions haha do you wanna know why? Cause sister Zarse eats all the time!! I will make her a really big meal, and then 5 mins later she tells me that she is hungry haha she is hilarious and can eat like no other!! I love how I can always get an honest opinion from her 🙂 but yea! I don’t have really much to say about the week cause it was mostly goodbyes for sister crake.. I love you all so much!! Please, how did your weeks go? Is there the sun where you are??
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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