March 7, 2016 Letter

Hello my wonderful amazing family/friends!!!
This week was both a happy and a sad week. Sad part was that I left my beautiful Singen this week, but I am super happy to be here in Burgdorf!! I mean.. I am in Switzerland! Never thought that would ever really happen… This past week, I said goodbye to Benji and Heidi Marie, Ben, Familie Zimmermann, Familie Schmitt, Julia Stocker, the Gardners, the Elders, and Sister Hancock 😥 but it is ok because I know I will see them again when I tour the mission with my parents. Awesome thing is that I am in the same zone as Elder Byrom!! He really helped me a lot at the start of my mission and it was really good to see him again this past weekend at Pfall Konference (a.k.a. Stake conference)!! On Thursday, we woke up really early so that we could see the elders off. That and Joyce was going to be there and that would’ve been the last time I could see her before I left.. So we went and said goodbye, Joyce and sister Hancock ran with their train until they couldn’t keep up anymore xD then we went and walked Joyce to school and went back home and got my bags and left for Bahnhoff! It was honestly so hard to leave, and I almost cried (hence my key word “almost”! I was very strong haha). But now I am here in my beautiful Burgdorf!! It has snowed everyday! It’s funny because it starts off the day with the sun, then it gets windy, then it rains, then it snows, then it rains again, then it hails, then it snows, and then it ends the day with just pure coldness XD and I thought Texas couldn’t make up its mind with the weather!! It just cracks me up xD oh! I bet you probably want to know about my new companion, huh? Well, her name is Sister Crake, she is from England!! I absolutely LOVE her accent!!! She is so sweet and very determined! She absolutely does the best that she can, which is one of the reasons that I love her 🙂 she has the goal to get better with her German, and we both do language study for an hour everyday and quizzing throughout the day!! There are times when we are hard on ourselves, but then that’s when the pep talks come in and the positivity!! I have come to know how much we both truly need each other!! I love her and she is already such an amazing missionary for only being out in the field for 3 months!! So what did we do this week?? We went to visit a member my first night here, and we had fondue! Turns out that my stomach is still giving me problems, which sucks.. But I talked to the mission nurse, and she is getting me an appointment with a stomach Doctor person and I have been instructed to not each cheese since that causes the most problems… Yes… This means no more pizza… I love pizza…. And it will be difficult because I am in Switzerland–land of cheese xD lets just say that this will be interesting!! We also went to a less active’s house, and we are pretty sure that her dog has flees which is hilarious because I just got rid of bed bugs and it would be totally hilarious if I got flees from these dogs xD but our lesson with her was really good!! The spirit was so strong 🙂 we also went to our investigator, Rita’s house last night!! Guess what! I am a bear… Apparently, when she first meets you, she chooses what animal you are and, well… Yea… Haha lets just say that because I am a bear, I will probably have another situation like Sister Bellm where she pretty much falls in love with me xD it’s so funnyxD she is really cool though!! Really spiritual and she believes that the Book of Mormon is true and everything! She is really good! She has a couple of concerns, but we are taking care of those like us good missionaries do haha it is really funny because since my German isn’t so great and sister crake’s german isn’t so great as well, we are pretty much translating for each other haha xD it is really cool how it works out because when one of us doesn’t understand, the other one usually does xD I absolutely love it!! But yea! That is just a little splash of my week:) just wait, I will start emailing with a Brittish accent before you know it!! Haha did you get my joke?? Lol you can’t email with an accent xD hahahahahahahahaha wow, I think I am hilarious, but I know that I am not really that funny xD my jokes are.. Well.. You all know xD you just laugh because of how dumb they are xD #MyLifeIsAwesome I love you all!! Be safe, and have a great week!!! And email me stuff!!! Haha
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson


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