August 12, 2016 Returning to the Mission

Hey ya’ll!!!

Haha There is some Texan coming Germany’s way in just a couple of short days! That’s right! I’m heading back out on my mission! I am absolutely so excited! I have been traveling on a very interesting road these past 4 months as I discover more of who I am and where I am going. It has been difficult and at times, frustrating, but most definitely worth it. I want to thank all of you who stood by me through it all and encouraged me to keep going when at times I thought it would be difficult. Just a month ago I felt as if I were stuck in a dark tunnel with no idea where the end was. I had recovered from my surgery and had been having test after test after test trying to discover what was wrong with my digestive system. As I layed on the table during my Hyda Scan, I wondered if the tests were ever going to end. I wondered if I will ever be able to finish what I started in Germany. I felt so lost. It wasn’t until I received a letter from someone very close to me that I began to see that light that I had been searching for. This very special person wrote, “Dearest Megan, So I don’t think that I’ll have too much to say. I just thought that I should write you. I hope you’re family is spoiling you and treating you like an absolute princess. Hopefully you are recovering well from your operation by now and already making plans to get back out there. If not “continue in patience until ye are perfected.” -D&C 67:13…” I know that doesn’t seem like much, but that scripture really hit me hard. I have this thing about “patience” at times haha I tend to be pretty patient until life gets really hard, and then I do my best to remain patient, but it doesn’t always end up that way. That scripture was like someone really special giving me a big hug full of love and telling me to “keep going, you’re almost there.” That’s when I discovered that I wasn’t just finding out what is wrong with me, but I also discovered what God has been trying to tell me this whole time–who I am. I am not only a missionary, or a sister to 6 siblings, or a musician, or a math geek, or a daughter to two amazing parents who have literally been there with me from the start. I am a daughter of my dear Father in Heaven, and He loves me so much. He wants me to do what makes me happy, but first we had to get me healthy again. And so, pretty much a week after that Hyda Scan, someone felt prompted to encourage my mom and I to research IBS and GERD. We both did so. The more I read about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I had found my answer. It was everything that I had been going through laid out on my computer screen. It was if I wrote it! We then talked with my doctor about our findings, and he agreed that I had IBS, and he prescribed me a medication that was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to see results. My miracle was that I saw amazing results in just one day. It was like I woke up and could eat a meal without being slapped with a brick wall of nausea. I had found my tunnel exit. Ever since then, I have been getting my strength back. Now I can gladly say that I can open an unopened Peanut Butter jar with no help! Haha I had to put that haha It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to do that. These past 4 months have been so amazing as I have witnessed so many servants of the Lord support and help me in absolutely any way that they possibly could. Thank you to all of you! My life is forever changed because I have you all in my life! “And because I knew you, I have been changed for good!” Haha You all knew I had to throw Wicked into this email haha Now, I may not be perfect just yet. In fact, I’m far from perfect, but with every passing day, I promise to do my best, my absolute best because that’s all we really can do. We do our absolute best, and I firmly believe and know that the Lord will provide for the rest. I am so excited and blessed to be returning to my mission! Thank you all once again for everything you have done for me! It really means a lot!
For all of those that would like to keep up with me and my journey in Germany/Switzerland/Austria, check out my mission blog where all of my weekly emails and pictures will be!
Thank you once again!
Always and Forever,
Sister Megan Wonson

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