August 22, 2016 When Your Comp. is YOU…

Hello all of my wonderful people who are reading this email!!

So many of you may be wondering what the meaning is behind the subject line of this email! So I am here in Wien (Vienna), Austria with my companion Sister Gunderson! She is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! She and I are like the SAME person!! It is really funny because when we are telling each other stories, sometimes it is similar to a story that the other has! We are pretty much the same person! It is so funny and awesome at the same time!! This week I came back into the mission field, and the moment the plane hit the ground in München, I had this pannicky feeling, but then I saw the AP´s and President and Sister Kohler outside of baggage claim, and I was just so excited to meet them again!!! I honestly have not stopped talking since! Sister Kohler tells me that my tongue has been loosed haha I totally believe her! Don´t worry though, my companion talks a lot as well because she is absolutely awesome!! My Sister Training Leader is Sister Selph, as many of you know, she is my MTC comp as well!! So that was a wonderful reunion! 🙂 I get to see Sister Brinkerhoff tomorrow at Zone Training, which I am also loads excited about!! We also have an investigator that made his baptismal date the other day! His name is Leonel!! He came to church yesterday for the first time ever! It was a HUGE downpour yesterday, and due to busses being down due to construction, we were afraid that he was not going to come. Nevertheless, he shows up in the church building in the middle of the first class, drenched. He had walked 20 minutes from his apartment in the downpour called rain so that he could come to church! He came, met a lot of the members, and the members made a Sport Abend just so that they could hang out with him and get to know him a bit better! They are such a wonderful ward! That was such a miracle in my eyes because in my past areas, I´ve had to take our investigator around the ward and introduce them to him/her, but this ward took the initiative and did it all by themselves! I absolutely LOVE our ward!! I´m starting to get the hang of this area, which is really awesome!! There have been some crazy stuff that has happened in the past couple of days, but overall the Spirit has been super strong and leading our steps! This morning, I asked this woman on the train where I could get my money transferred from US Dollars to Euros, and she told me about a couple of places and then she asked us what we were doing here, and so we told her that we were missionaries for our church, and we pretty much what we do and what our purpose was, and then we tried giving her a card and all of that, but sadly she did not want to take it. She was very sweet and we talked with her for a little bit before we had to get off of the U-Bahn. We redecorated out apartment today so that we can make our apartment “our home”! It looks so good!! I´ll put the pictures and videos of everything on my blog so that everyone can see it and so I can always keep it updated haha xD We call it “Unser Wohnung” 🙂 I love my companion 🙂 We have already been together for a couple of days, and we have learned so much from each other! After talking with Sister Gunderson on the first night, I finally understand why things kept happening to where I would have to stay home longer. I am so blessed to have Sister Gunderson as my companion, and I hope that we are companions for a couple of transfers, or the rest of my mission is fine with me too haha xD Anyways, I should probably end this so that I can respond to other people that have written me 🙂 I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers! It really means a lot!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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