August 29, 2016 Miracle Bread Crumbs

Hello all of my lovelies!!!!

This week has been absolutely AMAZING!!!!! As you can tell, this week has had a lot of miracles! Last monday, we went and had a picnic with Familie Strobl on the top of a hill that overlooked all of Wien, and we had hot dogs 🙂 It was great! haha and then we taught them about the Creation because, well, it was just like the most perfect setting for that completely!! Then we stopped by this castle that is by our apartment on our way home, and we took pictures with it all lit up! It was so beatuiful!!! Then on Tuesday, we had our Zone Conference, and that was amazing as well!! We were talking about Finding (talking to people on the street, busses, trains, and inviting them to learn more about the Restored Gospel)!! I have to say that I did not like finding at all until I became companions with Sister Gunderson! She makes it so fun!! I absolutely LOVE talking to people on the busses and trains! That is my absolute favorite!!! Anyways, something that was really good from Zone Training was that Finding is 45% work, 45% passion, and 10% talent! Isn´t that just great?! I totally love that because it is just so true!!! That night, we went to German class, and I taught it for like the first time in Forever! Like since I´ve been in Singen!!! I was so proud of myself because it was the first time that I successfully taught German Class!! Everyone understood what I was saying and they were understanding what I was teaching and it was just great!! Then on Wednesday, we went to go and play basketball with our investigator, Leonel and then have a lesson with him after! So we get there, and we were going to play half court, and there were like 8 missionaries and then like 6 people of him and his friends… That´s just a bit much for half court, so 4 of us missionaries went and played volleyball with some people right next to the basketball court. Man! That was just so much fun!!!!!  I miss volleyball!! We were really bad at first, but then all of these people started joining in and it got really good!! It was totally great!!! Not to mention, it was in the sand, so it wasn´t the easiest to walk around in haha So then we went and had our lesson with Leonel over the Law of Chastity. We were really nervous about talking about it with him because we were pretty sure that he was living with his girlfriend and stuff, but it turns out that about a month ago, he and his girlfriend broke up and everything was good with that! Man! He is just so prepared! The next day, we went and contacted a referral that we had gotten the previous week. We get off of the train and Sister Gunderson looks at her map, and then says “no way!” Then she continued to turn off her ipad and she started booking it to this apartment building saying “I know exactly where this is!” Turns out that 3 weeks before, she felt prompted to go and door the  people in that building, but then she felt like they should go back to this other apartment. Turns out that this apartment that we were then heading to, there was no Klingel board, only a lock system for the door! So then I remembered to look on my ipad at this referral to see if there was a name with the address, and there was! So we called the number, and set an appointment for a couple of days later! Later that night, we set out to deliver a Turkisch Book of Mormon to this one woman, and we passed by this one man who was reading a book right outside of his apartment building. We say “hallo” and keep on walking. Then Sister Gunderson stops in her tracks, turns to me and said “We need to go back. He is learning German. I saw the book he was reading and it is a English-German Dictionary!” So then we talked about how we could invite him to German Class, and then Sister Gunderson asked if it would be awkward to go back and talk to him, and I said “Nope, we can do it!” and then I just turned back and walked over to him and started talking to him in Geman! I asked him if he was learning German, and he said yes! He was interested in the German class, and so Sister Gunderson talked with him while I called people to get the address to the Institute Center where the German Class is held! It turns out that he is studying German here so that he can get his masters in Chemistry and Technology! He has to pass this German test in a couple of months, and he was getting frustrated with the language because it wasn´t sticking. He was just then about to go inside when I started talking to him! Turns out that he is also very religious and he is really interested about what we believe in. He believes that we can answer many of his questions! We have met with him a couple of times, and he has progressed so much! He is such an amazing guy! He is just so prepared!! Then the next day we went and did a vorbei and some finding. So at the last apartment building that we klingled before we headed to the bus is where we found Andleas! Sister Gunderson klingled all of the names that popped out to her, but there was only one that popped out to me, so while I was waiting for someone to answer, I was looking at all of the names. I noticed that there was only one long name out of all of the names there! All of the rest were short! So I felt like I should klingel them because they probably don´t get klingled very much due to their long last name, and I did! A man answered and unlocked the door to the apartment building, and we spoke to him on the stairs and asked if we could take 5 minutes of his time and talk to him about how Families can be together forever, and he said that his wife and kids are gone right now, but that we could come back another time. And so we set out an appointment for the next day 🙂 Sadly when we went by, no one was there, but we felt like we should write our testimonies about eternal families inside a book of mormon and put it in his mailbox! So we sat on the steps and wrote them down and then we decided to klingel him just one last time, and this time, a woman answered and let us in! It was his wife, and we told her that we talked with her husband yesterday about coming by today to talk to them about eternal families, and she said no thank you, and so we gave her the book of mormon and asked her to give it to her husband. She looked at us in awe and asked why we were giving him an expensive book. We told her that it was our gift to him, and if he is interested or has any questions then to call us! We wrote down our number for her to give her husband! There was so many other things that happened this week, but those are the main nuggets!! I have been so blessed and I can see all of the reasons why I am here and why now! I am so grateful for all of the things that my Father in Heaven has blessed me with! I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous week!! Never give up because something really great can be right around the corner!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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