September 12, 2016 Dirndles, Apfel Strudel, and Underground Rivers

Servus all of you crazy awesome people!!

For all of you who don´t know, Servus is how you greet someone here in Austria! Awesome, right? So last Monday, we went Dirndle shopping with like a couple of elders that also wanted Liederhosen! It was so fun! Sister Gunderson got her first Dirndle!!! It is absolutely adorable!!! It looks a lot like mine, but it doesn´t 🙂 She kept trying all of these that she thought that would be ok, and none of them were fitting right at all! And I asked her what she wanted in her Dirndle, and then I told her that I would go and look! So then I set out on my quest! Funny thing is that there was only ONE that sounded like what she was describing 🙂 She totally fell in love with it, and she tried on a couple just to make sure that that was the one that she wanted 🙂 She totally bought it 🙂 I received my box of stuff this week from the Office, and I had all of the things that I love in there!! I had my scriptures, my German Bibel, all of my scarves, and of course MY DIRNDL!!!! Sister Gunderson and I wore our Dirndles yesterday to church and the whole ward went nuts!!! All of the women kept saying that they need to take a picture of us and post it on the Relief Society board for everyone to see xD It was great! xD This week we also made some Apfel Strudel with a member!!! It was soooooo delish!!! Expect me to make it when I am back in Texas! Because I want you all to try it, but I also want to eat more of it xD It is soooooo yummy 🙂 Today, we went in this cave with an underground river and it was sooo cool! Apparently, during the time of World War 2, all of the people would come and hide in this coal mine, and there was this really pretty river there! It was sooo cool! I loved it! This week we also met with Felix again, and he set a baptismal date! Isn´t that great! He really loves taking the lessons, and he just really wants to come to our church, but he is afraid of talking with his brother about it. It is just this big whole thing with his brother that I won´t go into details about. We also had a lesson with Owen (an investigator that we are in the middle of handing over to the Wien 4 Elders). Let me just start with that he is in LOVE with my companion xD Anyways, so we have this lesson, and it was pretty much a make it or break it lesson due to him not keeping any commitments. But we taught, or tried to teach him about Obedience. Haha The whole time, he told us that we were talking about culture, not religion… We were all getting kind of frustrated. We finally just ended the lesson because it was getting late and the Spirit was no longer there. Other than that, not much has happened in our week xD There were tons on laughs, like the other day, we were cleaning up after lunch and there was this bee that just flew into our kitchen, and I totally FLIPPED! I screamed and ran out of the kitchen xD Sister Gunderson got a good laugh out of that! This week has been really interesting haha I keep having this feeling like next transfer I will be training a Golden, and Sister Gunderson is feeling like she is leaving Wien 3. Soooo transfer calls are next Saturday! It is so crazy that we could possibly have only 2 and a half more weeks together! Like, that is insane! where has the time all gone??? AHHHHHH!! By the way, I do not know if I told any of you this, but my new release date is April 27 or something alone those days haha it is the Wednesday of that week lol So yup… Don´t want to think about that… I love being a missionary too much haha 🙂 Also, my blog is now updated 🙂 So I will be posting my emails, pictures, and some videos on there!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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