September 5, 2016 A Queen of a Week!

Hello all!!!!!

Guess what??? You seriously will not believe me when I tell you this!! Ok, so do all of you remember Queen from Singen? She was the one who walked into the church one Sunday and she was like SUPER GOLDEN, but then she had to go back to Spain unexpectedly and didn´t know when she will be back?!?! Well, so you know how I am now here in Vienna, Austria? Ok, so we our mission is testing the Area Book app and I was looking at the referrals that we have, and guess who´s name I saw?! Queen´s!!!!! I literally freaked out for like the rest of the day and I am still freaking out!! I have tried calling her number like a million times, and it always comes up as a dead end, but I have her email, so I am going to email her today and hopefully she responds back!! I really really really really hope so!! I may or may not have been praying all week that we will be led to Queen and that we will be able to get back in touch with her! If I was able to pick up from where I left off with her in Singen, then that would just be a total dream come true!!!! Ok, so that happened haha xD This week was also a great one because we had the Kulturelle Feiern as well as the Freiberg Tempel Weihung!! It was so great!! We got to hear President Utchdorf and Elder Bednar speak German! How awesome is that?? We were totally fangirling over it xD The Tempel Weihung was really great yesterday! There was this woman in our ward (Schwester Schade) and it was her first Temple experience! It was so special!!! We went that night to a member´s home with our GML and Schwester Schade, and we had lasagna (they made part of it lactose free just for me 😀 Isn´t that just great?!). Last monday, we went to Kahlenburg with the Wien 4 Elders because we had an appointment with them and an investigator that we are needing to hand over to them because our investigator only speaks English and no German, so going to church would be kind of hard in a German Speaking ward xD So we made sandwiches for lunch, and they brought a watermelon for dinner (well, like half a watermelon haha)! It was so much fun! There was this Well, and there were all of these locks on there and each lock had two names on it and a date. It was so interesting! Apparently they have them on every single bridge here! Isn´t that great?! It is so awesome!!! After that, we ate the watermelon like some hobos xD We were sitting in a circle with the watermelon in the middle of the circle, and Elder La Plant was using a gift card to cut the watermelon into triangles, and we ate them like that xD It was so funny!!! XD I will be putting a picture of it as well as a video on my blog xD Speaking of which, I am not able to update my blog quite yet because my dad (cough cough) hasn´t sent me the information yet (cough cough) to log on (cough cough) so that I can update it (cough cough)….. So I will let you all know as soon as I can when I am able to get that updated 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful week!! We sure did! We are always seeing miracles left and right 🙂

Always and Forever,

Sister Wonson

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