September 19, 2016 Nutella, nutella, and yes you guessed it!!! More Nutella!

Howdy Ya´ll!!

This week was another really fantastic one!! And as you can tell, this week I found a love for Nutella….. Yes, I have to admit that before my mission, I was not a fan AT ALL of Nutella, but then I had these pretzel chips with Nutella, and OH. MY. GOODNESS…. That is soooo good!!! I have been trying Nutella with EVERYTHING!!! Sister Gunderson is starting to think that I am pretty wierd xD We also completely handed over Felix to the Wien 4 Elders this week!!! It is sad to had to hand him over, but he is such a great person and will really love the international ward!! I have met a couple of the members there, and they are such great people 🙂 This week we also had Zone Conference!! That is like one of my favorite things about the mission!! In the past, we´ve had “stay of the yellow brick road” from the Wizard of Oz, and then “Believe in Yourself” from Kung Fu Panda, and then (this one was done while I was in America, but still haha) “Remember who you are and where you come from” from the Lion King!!! And this one was about being a conscientious companion and being bold and taking the information that they have and then adding one, you know? Making it a gradual progression instead of throwing all of the information at them at once and expect them to catch it and soak it all in and understand it all! It was sooooo amazing!!! We sang Auserwählt zu Dienen for all of the women who so lovingly prepared lunch for us 🙂 There were also 2 missionaries going home that gave their testimonies, and I have to say that it hit me really hard. I honestly had the thought “oh no… I´m going to have to go home all over again!” haha to be honest it kind of freaked me out, because it will feel like tomorrow! This past transfer has passed by so quickly that we are so sad to see each other go… We have tausch this week and we are freaking out because we will be so far from each other!! Thankfully, we have Sport Abend that night haha so we will see each other in the middle of tausch 🙂 We have transfer calls this Saturday and I am honestly scared haha Like, I am looking forward to it for sure, but I am also scared because of the huge possibility of Sister Gunderson leaving. I found the other me haha But it´s ok if she goes 🙂 I still have this strong feeling like I am going to train 🙂 So I´m excited about that if that really happens 🙂 I just love missions! Sorry mom, I´m not coming home! I´m going to be a missionary forever!!! Anyways, that was just a little splash of our week!! Oh yea! And two rooms of our apartment got painted this week, and it was really funny because we didn´t know that it was getting painted until the guy came haha so that was a surprise! Thankfully he was a member and knew the missionary rules, and he brought his sister as his helper so that he could do what he needed to do and we could finish our studies and do what we needed to do! Also on Sunday, there was this cute family from Utah that came to our ward!! They are so great! They were there on Urlaub, and we got to talk with them for a little bit 🙂 The many many blessings and miracles that you witness in a mission is incredible!!! Anyways, I should probably write people back 🙂 I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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