October 17, 2016 That awkward moment when your investigator turns out to not be your investigator…??

Well you are probably guessing from the subject line that this week was a little bit confusing… haha ok, so here is the story!! We have this investigator that Wien 2 gave us last week. His name is Milad… He is a pretty cool guy! 😀 Ok, so we remembered that we had a Sport Abend at the same time as our lesson.. So we called him to move his appointment to right before the Sport Abend and then go together and play some Sport!! Sooooo we get our ward missionary, Ralph, to come. And we meet before to go over the lesson and everything. We go to meet Milad… it wasn´t Milad… It was this guy whose name was ALSO Milad, but it was some other guy… So we teach him and his friend that he had with him about the Book of Mormon and we got his information and we set up another appointment to meet with him! Then we head over to the church with Ralph for the REAL lesson with the real Milad, and he didn´t show up… But he did text us his brother´s number and said that his brother wants a Book of Mormon in English and to meet with us, and then we reset our appointment with Milad for tonight! It was so cool!! So then we called Milad´s brother last night to set up an appointment, and his brother sounds JUST like Milad!!! It was so great! This week was another difficult one, but it had a really great output!! I just love it when that happens!! 😀 So yep! I really need to email people back haha I hope that you all have a wonderful week 🙂

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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