October 31, 2016 Happy HalloWIEN!!!

Hahaha I’m so funny xD Ok, so really it was Sister Moore that thought of this subject line xD But still 🙂 So today is Halloween, and Sister Gunderson and I have decided to wear our Dirndls! We had our Distrikt Pday today! We went to this Catholic church where they were having this Michael Angleo exhibit! It was pretty cool. The church was ginormous!!! Apparently it is President Kohler’s favorite church in Wien! So there you go! 😀 This week we met with a member named Schwester Strobl! She feeds us the most adorable breakfasts! It is heated rolls, eggs, cucumbers, meat, cheese, guacamole, nutella, and of course you have to have your hot dogs! xD It is all in separate bowls, so not like all together haha But she even puts out ketchup and mannonaise! It is so great! We get to eat that once a week! Pretty much every saturday 🙂 She is a member, but her son, Rafi, is an investigator of ours 🙂 Sadly he hasn’t been making much progress lately, but we have a plan to get him interested again! Anyways, so after our breakfast and our lesson, she decides that she wants to walk with us to the bus stop. She took us this way by her house where there is a huge hill and you can see the whole city of Wien! It is so great!!! This week we also got our Essen List for eating appointment with members throughout the week! It is so great! We passed it around for the first time yesterday, and we gained 6 member appointments for the next three weeks from it! This will be a great way to get to know the ward and give them spiritual thoughts all at the same time! I have come to learn that this ward really loves doing missionary work and wants to help, but they are a little bit scared to invite the missionaries over. Everytime we ask someone to be a joint teach, and it doesn’t work with their schedule, they tell us that they will most definitely do it next time 🙂 But yea, those were the highlights of this week!! OH YEA!!! We just realized that we are having PUMPKIN SOUP on HALLOWEEN!!! How perfect is that?!?! And we are also having FHE with Milad, Schw. Schade, and Ralph! It is going to be so great!! 🙂

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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