November 7, 2016 Three is my favorite number :)

Well everyone,

You probably have guessed my transfer call just by this subject line!!! Sister Gunderson is heading off to the great Graz to finish training Sister Harwood, Sister Moore is heading off to Munich 2 to chill with Prez., and I will be receiving a brand new Golden!!! It is so great! I am so excited!!! I absolutely LOVE training!! So this week has been spent by saying a lot of goodbyes. Sadly, we can’t meet with everyone, but we had everyone sign Tschüss books and all of that on Sunday, so a lot of goodbye’s were said! It was so cool!! Yesterday, we went to eat with our ward missionary (Ralph) and his family, and we ate SAUSAGE!!!  Ralph even taught me how to make it so that I can make some for me and my companion 🙂 I. Love. Sausage. Goodbye’s were said between them and Brother Macek and Sister Macek-Morales. It was a sad goodbye, but good at the same time 🙂 Honestly, the hardest thing that I would have to say about a mission is all of the goodbyes. You enter an area, not expecting to be as attached to the people as you thought you would be, and then you truly realize it when you are having to say goodbye to them! I have had to experience that so many times here on my mission! The ward members over here are just so great! Their hearts are so full of love! Something that I love about this culture is that you have to earn their trust, it is not just given freely. I feel like sometimes in America, we just give this trust freely, and sometimes it bites us in the back one day. They focus on gaining that trust and friendship. I respect that so much. But yea 🙂 That is just a little splash of this week!!! I hope you all have had a really great week!!! I love you all!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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