November 21, 2016 Finding God’s many Blessings

Well, the Christmas feeling is in the air! We have the warm crisp air to prove it! We are already doubling up on like EVERYTHING that we possibly can! This week, Sister Jones and I went street contacting together for the first time! She was so nervous, but did extremely well πŸ˜€ We started talking to this one woman about God’s love for each of his children, and that was a really great (and interesting) conversation! Sister Jones stopped someone for the first time while street contacting! She stopped this one really cute woman named Jasmin! We asked her what is important to her, and she said Family! We asked her why (because we are curious beavers haha) and she said that she loves how she and her children can constantly be learning together and from each other! We got so excited because #ThatsWhatOurMessageIsAbout!!! We talked to her about why we are here on the Earth #OurPurpose and how we can continue to learn and grow with our families after this life! We asked her what she thought about the ability to be able to live with her family for Eternity, and guess what she said?! She told us that that makes her so happy inside and that it is such a blessing!! The conversation just continued to get on from there πŸ™‚ I also stopped these three young adults about my age (Sister Jones was begging me not to because 3 people was scarier than talking to one, and me being the person that I am ready for a challenge walked up and stopped them haha). There was one guy who couldn’t talk English or German, a really really sassy girl, and then this other guy that was really nice and polite. The sassy girl started questioning us on why we were asking what Jesus Christ means to them and how everyone has all of these different beliefs on Christ and how we should just let it be, and then she said, “Was meinen Sie?” I then explained to her that yes, while there are so many different views on Jesus Christ and many other things, we are not here to tell everyone that they are wrong, but we are here to help everyone come together so that we can grow our faith together and that us showing them this video about Jesus Christ was us wanting to help them strengthen their faith about Jesus Christ, and then I said, “Das ist was wir meinen :)” Yes, I did smile at the end πŸ™‚ As Missionaries, we are not here to push people into a corner and tell them that they are wrong and that they don’t have the truth. Our purpose is to help others come unto Christ and help them receive the Restored Gospel and help them strengthen their Faith on Jesus Christ and to learn how they can follow Him and His example. I am so happy that I am here doing what I am doing! I am so happy that I get the chance every single day to share this beautiful message every single day about everything that we have BECAUSE GOD LOVES US πŸ™‚ This week was a very blessed week and I thought I would give y’all a little splash πŸ™‚ I hope y’all have a good week now πŸ™‚ (Enter Southern Accent Here lol)

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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